Teen Pornography Addiction And Its Negative Effects

When parents discover their teen is looking at pornography, the first reaction is often that of fear, anger, shame and panic. However, parents need to determine whether their teen is merely satisfying some curiosity about sex or is struggling with a compulsion to watch sexually explicit materials.

Teen pornography addiction and its negative effects can be handled effectively with parents who are ready to have mature discussions with their teen and seek professional help as needed. The alternative is a downward spiral of shame, guilt and depression from parents who are incapable of helping their teen develop a healthy sexual identity. At Help Your Teen Now, you can receive guidance on professional programs designed to help parents and teens with pornography issues and lead both parties toward a better understanding of how to move forward.

Viewing pornography, especially in an ongoing or escalating manner, can potentially damage a teen’s view of sexuality, sexual identity and intimacy. Pornography is not a healthy way for teens to learn about sex and relationships, and they are frequently exposed to adult sexual behavior that includes sexual deviation and lack of intimacy. Many times, teens won’t understand many of the images they are seeing, and are not mature enough to realize that pornography is meant to stimulate the body rather than reflect intimate relationships that have intimacy.

Many researchers believe that too much pornography can have a desensitizing effect on the viewer, which requires more frequent and more intense experiences to stimulate the same pleasure centers. Teens who compulsively view pornography are usually struggling with guilt, shame, acting out, depression, loneliness and emotional withdrawal. Porn use can lead to sexually deviant behaviors in teens as well as compound already existing emotional and behavioral issues.

Parents should have plenty of communication with their teen about sex and relationships, and discuss the problems with pornography. Creating a safe space to talk is a key part of making sure teens feel comfortable asking questions and listening to answers. While most teens and adults do suffer from sex or pornography addiction, it may still benefit both parents and teens to get professional help in the form of therapy. With caring parents and trusted experts working together with the teen, he or she will be well on the way to a healthier attitude toward sex and be better able to forge healthy relationships now and in the future.

Help Your Teen Now is a parent advocate group dedicated to providing parents with the resources they need to get their teens into reputable therapeutic facilities for help. Becuase Help Your Teen Now is  not associated with any one school or facility, we can give unbiased advice to parents about the best ways to help teens who struggle with pornography. Thousands of families have benefitted from Help Your Teen Now, so start with the free consultation to get your teen the necessary help so your family can become whole again.

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