Sex And Defiant Teens – Parenting Tips

Many teens test their independence by becoming defiant with parents, but there’s a difference between pushing boundaries of dependence and participating in dangerous or destructive behaviours. Drugs, alcohol and sex are some of the extremes that defiant teens find affects their parents strongly. When it comes to sex and defiant teens parenting tips from experts can provide guidance on how to maintain communication and keep teens safe.

It’s hard for parents to intervene with teens who are already sexually active. The important communication needs to take place years before by creating a safe place for teens to talk about awkward issues like sexuality, alcohol, peer pressure, self esteem, love and more. Parents who establish good communication early on, despite embarrassment or awkwardness, will have a much better chance of helping a defiant teen modify behavior. Help Your Teen Now understands that you want what is best for your teen, and is ready to help parents like you find professional therapeutic assistance for troubled teens.

When talking to your defiant teen about sex, avoid judgemental attitudes and negative comments or you will just push your teen further away. Instead, focus on making sure he or she is safe, using appropriate birth control and understands acceptable behavior. Teens are more likely to open up to parents who they feel will listen to them and respect their choices, even if the parents don’t agree.

Besides talking to your teen about sex and sexual behaviors, it’s important to establish household rules and consequences. Between you and your teen, you can discuss what is and is not allowed. Setting up rules, such as setting rules for dating, being alone with a boyfriend or girlfriend and proper hangout locations are important to establish. It’s most important to make sure your defiant teen has the power to stay in control of a situation involving sex, and then work on the defiance issues with a professional.

Once the rules are set, discuss the consequences of breaking them. Be clear so that your teen understands ahead of time what will happen if the rule is broken. This also helps you with following through on consequences because the punishment is already determined. Typical consequences include grounding, no car privileges, attending counseling and chores.

When your defiant teen won’t listen to you about his or her sexual behavior, it’s important to keep trying. Even though they need independence, they are still under your care and need support, guidance and love. Sometimes, early sexual activity is a result of other behavioral or emotional issues, so your teen may need professional counseling to resolve the issues that are triggering the behavior. Whether recent or deeply rooted in childhood, behavioral issues can be addressed through therapy.

Help Your Teen Now is a parent advocate group dedicated to helping parents and troubled teens find the professional help they need. By matching each family’s unique issues with reputable therapeutic facilities across the country, Help Your Teen Now has assisted thousands of families in restoring peace and balance to their homes. If your defiant teen is acting out and needs counseling, let us help.

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