Is an All Girls Military School the Best Choice

Troubled teen girls across the country can benefit from living, studying and playing in a safe and supportive therapeutic environment. If you are considering sending your daughter to a military school to work out her issues, consider an all girls military school. But is an all girls military school the best choice? Many experts feel that an all girls school can provide a unique environment where troubled teen girls can really focus on healing.

An all girls military school focuses on helping troubled teens work through their personal challenges and issues, from anxiety and low self-esteem to oppositional defiant disorder and substance abuse. There are a range of mental, emotional and behavioral issues that many teen girls struggle with, but in a place where they can receive professional therapy and get real help.

When it comes to an all girls military school, many parents are pleased to find that they are an excellent alternative to traditional schools because those traditional schools are not equipped with knowledge and personnel to really help. Leaving her current school can help your daughter get away from bad friends and a negative reputation to start over in a place with 24-hour supervision and care. All girls military schools are staffed by licensed professionals who really care about kids and have dedicated themselves to provide support and guidance to students.

Another advantage of all girls military schools is that the distraction of boys, dating and the emotional ups and downs that teen relationships bring are eliminated. Girls can instead focus on their academic achievements, individual and group therapy, and developing their talents and skills. When they can focus on themselves, they’ll really be able to start the healing process. These schools often have a well-developed recreation program that allows girls to explore new hobbies like music or drama, participate in exciting adventures like rock climbing or wilderness training, and enjoy social activities like co-ed dances and camping.

Academics are stressed at most all girls military schools and you can find many facilities that are very proud of their high academic standards. Trained teachers work with the troubled girls to keep up with their grade level and progress along with their peers. Many schools offer college prep and vocational training as well.

There’s no doubt about it. If you are one of the many parents who wonder is an all girls military school the best choice for their troubled teenage daughter, the answer is MAYBE!

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