Implementing Routines and Structure In Your Teen’s Life

Implementing Routines and Structure In Your Teen’s Life

It’s no easy feat raising teenagers, much less getting routines and structure implemented into their lives. Unfortunately, for many parents, they don’t have the necessary structure in their own life to instill it in their teenagers. Living mindlessly or inconsistently, going from one activity to another, from one project to another – all reasons for parents to practice routine and structure in their own lives before trying to help their teenagers do it too. “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine,” said Mike Murdock, American Clergyman. Structure allows for you and your teenager both to feel a sense of purpose in the mornings and a sense of accomplishment in the evenings. This helps feed healthy and well-balanced emotions. Here are four ways to get yourself and your teenagers on track and in a daily routine containing both freedom and structure.

Family Mission Statement

It sounds crazy, but what’s more important than the future of your family? Come up with a statement that can be as short as a couple hundred words. The statement should express the goals of the family. As both short-term and long-term goals are achieved, so will the goals of your teenager. A family mission statement will give your family a sense of unity, purpose, and family cohesion.

Personal Goals

Your teenager needs more than family goals to work towards. Help them to develop their own set of personal goals, both for the short haul and the long run. Ask them where they see themselves in a few years? In 20 years? Teen personal goal development and progression towards meeting those goals will help in their overall self-assurance, independence, and self-confidence. “It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.” – Ann Landers

Make Their Own Footprint

Every individual, including every teenager has their own ideas of what they would like to achieve that would make them very proud of themselves. This is where you allow your teenager to go his or her own way to make their own footprint towards the individual they are growing to become. Once they know what they want to do, encourage them to routinely do those activities to help build their emotional balance, self-esteem and structure in their life.

Set-Up Time to Volunteer

Find ways to get your teenager involved in volunteering to help the less fortunate. Teach them young to be grateful for what they do have. Encouraging your teenager to volunteer on a regular basis will help to instill the trait for a lifetime.

Contact us for more information on how you can help your troubled teen. We specialize in helping teens get back on track after stumbling upon a bumpy road.

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