How Boys Can Learn About Their Character From These Key Challenges

How Boys Can Learn About Their Character From These Key Challenges

We all wish that we could just make life easy for our children. We would make sure everything goes smoothly, they never have to truly struggle and nothing hurts them. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Sadly it doesn’t work that way and our teenagers will have to face a number of challenges both basic and hurtful as they grow up.

The good news is that they can learn a lot from these challenges about their own character and strengths. Here are some common struggles that teenagers may be subjected to and what they can learn about themselves in the process.

Peer Pressure

Perhaps the biggest issue faced by teens is peer pressure. Everyone has it, everyone has to either fight or give into it. Often they end up doing both before the end of their formative years, with varying degrees of consequence.

Learning to fight against peer pressure teaches teens that they are their own person. It helps them to form their own identity that isn’t influenced by what others tell them to be.

Romantic Heartbreak

No parent forgets where they were the first time their teenager was hurt by a romantic interest. It is a very unique experience that we can all relate to, and our hearts break right along with our children.

Feeling the sting of rejection will prepare teenagers for similar pains later on. They will be able to learn from the experience and react better the next time. Perhaps they can even learn to avoid heartbreak in the future using those lessons and discovering what they want in a relationship and partner.

Fights With Friends

Friends fight. Unfortunately not all those friendships recover. Your teen will struggle with this issue many times over their life. Sometimes they will be able to say they are sorry and move on. Sometimes they will give up on that friendship and move forward.

They will learn the ability to recognize and own up to their mistakes. Not to mention how to interact with others in a socially acceptable way that will inform their professional, social and romantic relationships in the future.


This won’t touch every teens life, but it will be there clouding the lives of many. Divorce is common in today’s age and marriages fall apart. This can be deeply unsettling for teenagers and children who are stuck in the middle.

By learning to handle the idea of divorce now, your teen could be more equipped to select relationships that don’t go down that road later on.

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