How A Trusted Adult Can Become A Mentor & Positive Outside Influence For Your Troubled Teen

How A Trusted Adult Can Become A Mentor & Positive Outside Influence For Your Troubled Teen

The job of parenting is one that is both incredibly difficult and intensely personal. It’s sometimes funny to see how overwhelmed we can become, but unwilling or embarrassed to ask for help. After all, they’re OUR kids, right? It’s true that they’re OUR kids and that we shoulder the majority of their raising and development. But we also need help and support along this path of parenting.

The first place to look for support is with other parents who can share your struggle and give you new insight from an outside perspective. The camaraderie can be more beneficial than you know. There are also good reasons to help your troubled teen find a positive mentor.

3 Reasons Your Teen Needs a Trusted Adult Mentor

  1. To Give You A Break. You may find yourself growing tired of constantly saying “no” or trying to help them see the consequences of their actions, and that’s ok. There are other adults who can join the battle. The key here is to be sure they are “trusted” adults who will give good advice and be honest with your teen. It’s also helpful to have another adult who can cover parenting bases when your child isn’t coming to you. Turning to a trusted adult mentor is much better than turning to other troubled teen friends.
  2. To Speak A Different Language. No matter what you’re saying – you’re saying it in “Mom Language” or “Dad Language.” A trusted adult mentor may be able to tell them the exact same thing, but they’ll listen when it isn’t in YOUR language. Sometimes a troubled teen just needs to hear it from someone they don’t bash heads with.
  3. To Show Them What’s Possible. Often troubled teens struggle to listen to parents because they don’t want to be like their parents. They think their dad wants them to do well in school so they can become an accountant like he is – when they just want to play music or work with animals. Finding a positive adult influence that mirrors what they would like to do and become can help them see the choices and changes they need to make now in order to achieve that goal in the future.

Fostering positive relationships with adults can be a game changer for troubled teens. Look within your “village” to find adults with whom your troubled teen can relate and connect. If you worry that your teen needs more structured help or possibly professional intervention, there is assistance out there for you. Do not hesitate to get as much help as you can – because parenting a troubled teen is more than enough work for one.

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