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boot_camps_for_girlsWhen your teenage daughter is struggling with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues that make it harder for her to succeed at school, at work and at home, it may be time to consider a teen help program. Ranging from therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers to wilderness camps and boot camp for girls, there are a number of options out there.

But how can parents determine which program is right for their teen girl? Help Your Teen Now is a parent-to-parent information center that has extensive resources for parents who are starting this long process. We want to be a helpful place to provide information on all you need to know about enrolling your teen girl into a therapy program.

You can contact Help Your Teen Now at 1-800-901-7347 and find out more about what our free services include.

Why Help Your Teen Now?

As a parent advocate group dedicated to sharing resources about different kinds of teen help programs across the country, Help Your Teen Now has helped thousands of parents of struggling teen girls. The program was started by a frustrated mother with troubled teens, who quickly realized that there was a gap in the education and resources available to parents in her same situation. Today, Help Your Teen now is a thriving organization with lots of information for parents just like you. We are not affiliated with any program, school or facility, so the information and recommendations we give are completely unbiased and honest.

We are the best place for parents to get information about various boarding schools, wilderness programs and boot camps for girls across the country. Help Your Teen Now knows all about teen help programs and we can guide you toward the best facilities that are specially equipped to help your daughter. We are committed to helping families just like yours find programs that bring back the peace you deserve and get your daughter back on the right path toward a brighter future.

How Schools For Troubled Teens Really Help

When teen girls struggle with certain emotional, behavioral and mental health issues, it is harder for them to succeed in traditional schools. Alternative schools blend academics, therapy and recreation into a comprehensive program designed to help teen girls get rid of negative behavior and overcome their personal challenges. Many parents are interested in short-term programs like wilderness camp or boot camp for girls, as a way for their teen to transition from their current life to a more structured boarding school. However, finding out accurate and current information on all the possibilities is a big job. Help Your Teen Now has already done years of research on various teen help programs, so please let us help you narrow down the options for programs to help your daughter.

So how do boot camps for girls, wilderness camps, boarding schools and more really help? There are several factors that contribute to the long-term changes that teen girls experience after going through a therapeutic boarding school program.

Here are just a few of the things girls can expect at a school for troubled teenagers:

  • Structured environment with a regular schedule.
  • Trained and certified staffers with experience in working with troubled teens.
  • Licensed and experienced counselors and therapists who hold group therapy and individual therapy sessions.
  • Licensed teachers who help teens earn a high school diploma.
  • Extracurricular activities like drama, music, sports, dance and art.
  • Recreational therapy that may include horse back riding, camping, hiking, biking, kayaking, boating, fishing, rock climbing, and more, depending on location.
  • Leadership training so teen girls can develop character and self-confidence.
  • Life skills classes to help students ease into adulthood more successfully.
  • Positive peer pressure from mentors and older students to help with behavior modification.

Some of the more common issues teen girls deal with include anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, low self-esteem, abuse trauma, adoption and abandonment, substance abuse, bipolar, and more. It doesn’t matter what challenges your teenage daughter has, there is a troubled teen school that will definitely match up with her emotional, behavioral or mental health needs. Help Your Teen Now will help you every step of the way.

Girls Outside of Troubled Teen Schools At Risk

the best part of troubled teen schools is that the students are under a lot more supervision than at traditional school. When teens aren’t being properly treated for mental health or behavioral issues, they can start to engage in risky behavior. this behavior often takes place after school, during school and when parents aren’t home. At a therapeutic boarding school, teen girls have much closer supervision, preventing them from really getting into some of the more dangerous things.

Here is a list of some of the most damaging teen risk behaviors:

  • Substance abuse of drugs and alcohol
  • Risky sexual activity
  • Risky and dangerous stunts and dares
  • Criminal activity, like theft or vandalism
  • Violence and weapons use
  • Running away
  • Suicide

Parents who are unwilling to stand by and watch their teenage girl go through the negative consequences of bad behavior may want to take quick action and enroll them in a therapeutic boarding school soon. However, don’t just choose any school, or one that is closet or cheapest. Not all teen help programs are alike and there can be both excellent and unsuccessful schools out there.

Help Your Teen now is ready to help whenever you call. At therapeutic boarding schools, teens with a number of issues can overcome their bad behavior and work toward health and happiness. Without boarding schools, teens can make decisions that end up costing them their future.

Find the Best Schools for Troubled Teens Through Help Your Teen Now

We are always eager to talk to parents like you about your teen’s specific issues, what to look for in a therapy program and how to proceed with finding the best school for your daughter. We know what it feels like to have such a big decision to make and nobody who really understands. There’s no question you can ask that we don’t have an answer for or can point you toward a solution. Help Your Teen Now has helped thousands of families, so let us continue in our work and help yours too.

With our help, you can be the reason your teenage daughter makes good progress against her emotional, behavioral or mental health issue, and transforms from a troubled teen to a healthy and happy young adult. Help Your Teen Now is standing by ready to assist you in every way during this difficult time. Please contact Help Your Teen Now to get more information about boarding schools, wilderness camps and boot camps for girls in your area. Call Help Your Teen Now at 1-800-901-7347 for your free consultation.

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