6 Major Perks Of A Troubled Teen School For Your Son

Researching The Most Effective Troubled Teen Schools In The Nation

Sending your son away to a troubled teen school can be a tough choice. To help you make the choice to have your troubled teen son attend a school for troubled teens, consider these six major benefits.

Troubled Teen Boys Receive Intensive Therapy

A troubled teen school is built around the concept that at the root of every troubled teen, a healthy and happy teenager is waiting to be rediscovered. Intensive therapy is vital to help teens through this rediscovery process, so troubled teen schools build therapeutic aspects into every part of their program.

From traditional talk therapy to activities which boost empathy, self-esteem, and other positive traits, your teenage son will be continually immersed in therapy in ways which can’t be achieved outside of the controlled setting of a school for troubled teens.

Teen Boys Develop New Talents

Many troubled teen schools understand that once negative habits are removed, these habits need to be replaced or the teens may regress once they leave the school. To prevent this regression from happening, many schools offer activities such as:

  • Band
  • Musical theory and composition
  • Sports
  • Culinary arts

By learning new skills, the troubled boys which attend schools for troubled teens can change how they view themselves and build confidence in their new, non-troubled identities.

Boys Learn To Reflect On Actions

Troubled teen schools are not correctional facilities which force change on the boys attending the school. Instead, these schools create opportunities for the troubled teens attending to reflect on their actions. Some of these opportunities are more obvious, such as daily personal time where the teens can journal and reflect.

Other opportunities are what most schools refer to as natural consequences. For instance, say a boy chooses not to complete his assigned homework. As his classmates are released for free time, the boy has to remain in class and can work with a tutor if comprehension is why the work was not completed.

Troubled Teen Schools Assist With Academic Recovery

A majority of the troubled teen boys who begin attending a troubled teen school have fallen behind in one or more subjects, which is why the best troubled teen schools offer a robust academic recovery program. Teens attending a school with an academic recovery program will be able to catch up to their classmates and potentially begin working toward college-level work.

If this perk is one you are particularly interested in for your son, make sure to check if the school has:

  • State-licensed teachers
  • A tutoring program
  • National education accreditation

Teens Rebuild Self-Worth

In their teen years, people are in an emotionally precarious position. Much of who we are as adults is shaped by our adolescent actions and beliefs. At this crucial time, it is important to help teens view themselves not as troubled teens who will become troubled adults but as teens who are simply going through a hard time. Teens need to understand they hold the power to change.

Schools for troubled teen boys help empower troubled teen boys to change themselves by building up their self-worth with service activities, therapy, and helping them achieve in their daily lives. By doing so, a troubled teen boy can change his self-perception which can alter his future path drastically for the better.

Boys Build Strong And Postive Bonds

The last major perk of having your troubled teen son attend a troubled teen school for boys is the positive bonds your son will be able to build during his time there. You son will have the opportunity to work with therapists and other direct care staff, all who can become strong role models for your son. Positive bonding is also encouraged between the attending students, especially during times such as group therapy and activities where the staff can help guide the interactions.

If you believe your son may benefit from attending a troubled teen school but don’t know where to start, contact us. We offer years of industry experience and placement help, all for free.

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