T.C. Harris School

When teens struggle with behavioral issues and are diagnosed with intellectual or developmental disabilities, T.C. Harris School may be the answer parents are seeking. At T.C. Harris School, qualified professionals tailor the therapy and academic programs to the needs of each individual child with the goal of helping them move toward independence by gaining control over their emotions and behaviors. With a day school, community group homes and residential programs, T.C. Harris is equipped to help troubled children and teens. The facility specializes in autism care and support, but can help teens that are intellectually/developmentally disabled, behavioral needs or emotional disabilities, low incidence syndromes, communication needs, and neurological disorders.

T.C. Harris School in Lafayette, Indiana Key Facts

School Name : T.C. Harris School
Location : Lafayette, Indiana
Ages : 6-21
School Gender : Co-ed
Support for ADD/ADHD Students : Yes
Year Founded : 2000

Licensed Faculty at School

Among the staff and faculty at T.C. Harris School are licensed occupational therapists, certified speech language pathologists, and clinical therapists.

Student Activities Available

Activities at T.C. Harris School center around learning life skills, so students can participate in family and group therapy, year-round educational/vocational programming, and independent living skills training. Children and teens work with staff and faculty to build social skills and learn appropriate behaviors with the goal of more independence.

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