Meridell Achievement Center

When it comes to healing teenagers, Meridell Achievement Center offers the physical and emotional support they need to overcome challenges. A residential treatment center located on 63 acres, Meridell is a 134-bed facility that focuses on treating teens with bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, ODD, post traumatic stress, impulse control disorder and other neurological disorders like Tourette’s Syndrome. The programs are divided into two groups, the Adolescent Behavioral/Psychiatric Program and the Adolescent Neurobehavioral/Neuropsychiatric Program. The academic branch of the facility is fully accredited and staffed with faculty who are certified in special education.

Meridell Achievement Center in Liberty Hill, Texas Key Facts

School Name : Meridell Achievement Center
Location : Liberty Hill, Texas
Ages : 11-17 (Boys), 12-17 (Girls)
School Gender : Co-ed
Support for ADD/ADHD Students : Yes
Year Founded : 1961

Licensed Faculty at School

At Meridell Achievement Center, the medical staff is comprised of a range of professionals, including psychiatrists specializing in child and adolescent behavior, pediatric neurologists, psychologists and neuropsychologists. Master’s level licensed therapists conduct the individual, group and family therapy sessions. Certified recreational therapists also contribute to each student’s recovery plan. All teachers are special education-certified

Student Activities Available

To help teens break out of the dysfunctional patterns they were previously exposed to, they are encouraged to participate in different activities in order to learn new coping skills and reach new goals.

Map of School Location

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