How Much Does A Christian Boarding School Cost?


When parents are making the decision to send their troubled teen to a Christian therapeutic boarding school, cost is a big factor in choosing the facility. The truth is, there is no single answer to the question “How much does a Christian boarding school cost?” Because tuition varies school by school and state by state, parents must do their research well to find schools that best meet their family’s financial needs.

Range of Tuition Costs

According to, the average boarding school tuition is around $40,000 per year. However, that means some schools are as low as $12,000 per year, while others are much higher than the average. When it comes to Christian boarding schools, there are as many prices as schools. The good news is that while some schools may have prohibitive costs, there are plenty of excellent schools that are very affordable via a number of financial aid and scholarship methods.

Paying for Christian Boarding School

Unless they are independently wealthy, most parents seek out financing methods to cover the cost of Christian boarding schools. Here are a number of viable options that parents can explore to ensure that their troubled teen can get the professional help they need without causing too much financial strain on the family.

  • Scholarships: Many Christian boarding schools receive grants and funding, and extend scholarships to students in need. This can reduce tuition significantly, and parents should always inquire about any scholarship options as they do their research.
  • Financial aid: Many schools have set up a need-based tuition scale that is based on the family income. Essentially, the tuition is calculated based on parental income, so a low-income family pays less tuition than a middle-income family. Need-based tuition costs can be a fine way for families to afford Christian boarding schools.
  • Loans: In many cases, parents can qualify for education loans through banks and other lending institutions for the funds they need to cover tuition at a Christian boarding school. There are even specialized financing programs that are designed to help families with substantial have behavior health costs. Some parents tap into a home equity credit line to cover costs.
  • Assets or family loans: If the family has enough assets that they can tap into for tuition at a Christian boarding school, that’s a fine source of funding. Likewise, extended family members may be willing to give or loan enough to cover tuition.
  • Medical insurance: Depending on the program and the type of coverage, medical insurance may be able to offset a part of the costs of a Christian boarding school.

It’s important for parents to learn everything there is to know about Christian boarding schools for troubled teens, including their options for paying tuition, so they can be financially prepared. Thousands of families with limited financial resources find ways to send their teens to Christian boarding schools, so parents shouldn’t be discouraged about what this kind of professional help will cost.

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