Working On Leadership Skills At Home To Teach Your Teen About Discipline

Working On Leadership Skills At Home To Teach Your Teen About Discipline

Studies have shown that peer groups that focus on creating connections between high risk teens can be incredibly beneficial in developing li developing social and life skills, while curbing detrimental behavioral problems. But this kind of thinking can actually begin at home. You can teach your child about life, discipline and skills by living by example and showing them the value of leadership.

Overcoming Peer Pressure

Think of the struggles teens face in the world today: substance abuse, sex, theft, fights…how many of those would have happened had their peer group not been egging them on? Teenagers have trouble forming their own identity. Instead they move from identifying with their parents and siblings to identifying with their peer group.

Peer pressure is a natural developmental stage. By teaching them to be leaders in their own home you are helping to give them the tools they need to say no. You are helping them to overcome that peer identity and start forming their own.

Giving Teens a Sense Of Self Control

Along with this feeling of identity comes the feeling of self control. Teenagers are facing a myriad of difficulties in their environment. There are the struggles of school, social lives, an uncertain future, home life and much more. They can often feel as though they have no control over what happens to them.

When they feel like they are a leader they know they have more control over themselves, their actions and their emotions. Their coping mechanisms become stronger and they can lessen much of their anxiety. This will allow them to react with a cooler head when issues arise.

When Professional Help Is Necessary

In some cases, especially when speaking of troubled teens, it might be necessary for you to seek some outside help. This also instills a sense of leadership because you are taking decisive action, not allowing your teens’ outbursts to rule you and your home. There are afew options here:

  • Therapy – Sometimes getting someone for your teen to talk to is all that is needed. Professionals can help them to reframe their feelings in a way that makes them less overwhelming.
  • Group Support – Support groups help connect your teen with peers who are facing similar struggles, within a safe space where they can be vulnerable.
  • Inpatient Programs – An impatient program is an option for teenagers who are suicidal or facing serious mental health crises that must be addressed in a hospital.
  • Outpatient Programs – An outpatient program is a medically intensive form of therapy that has them attending therapy and support groups during the day while medicated, but allows them to go home at night.
  • Military Academies – Run by former military personnel, a military academy is a highly strict environment that emphasizes discipline.
  • Boot Camps – Boot camps are usually wilderness based programs that specialize in manual labor in the context of teaching personal responsibility.
  • Therapeutic Boarding Schools – A boarding school that equally emphasizes improving academic performance and dealing with root emotional issues in therapy.

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