Wondering About Sending Your Teen Out Of State To A Therapeutic Boarding School In Utah


You have narrowed down your choices of a therapeutic boarding school for your teen and are thinking about Utah as a possibility. You have even written up a list of questions to ask potential candidates in order to make sure that you are making the best decision for your child. But what if you have overlooked something in the process? According to the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, here are just a few questions to ask a prospective facility before you send your child to boarding school.

1. The admissions process – Who oversees admissions?

2. Licensing and accreditation – What type of licensing and accreditation do you have? What credentials does the staff have?

3. Academics – Do students attend online classes or traditional classes with a teacher?

4. Individual and group therapy – What type of individual/group therapy will my child receive, and how often?

5. Medication – How is medication distribution handled?

6. General staff – Do you conduct background checks?

7. Student safety – What are your protocols to keep teens safe? How do you handle medical emergencies?

8. Contact information – How often can you call, speak to and visit your child?

9. Success rate – How do you determine your success rate?

10. Aftercare – Do you offer an aftercare program and how long does it last?

This list is far from exhaustive, but it will point you in the right direction as you make this important decision about sending your child to a therapeutic boarding school.

Benefits of Sending Your Child to Utah for Boarding School

While your focus is on helping your teen, the location and benefits of the state you choose are also major considerations. Utah offers the following benefits for children who attend boarding school there:

1. A great climate – The state of Utah offers dry, temperate weather, with lots of sunshine. Statewide, the annual high temperature stands at about 63°F while the annual low temperature is about 46°F.

2. Scenic backdrops – The state has some of the best scenery in the nation – mountain vistas; picturesque landscapes; wide, open spaces; crystal-clear lakes and green, luxurious forests. In addition, Utah boasts some of the highest mountains in the country, with an average height of more than 11,200 feet.

3. Recreational therapy – The beauty of nature provides a great environment for recreation and outdoor activity, which is conducive to a holistic approach of healing for your child.

4. A strong sense of community service – Let’s face it, your son has become very self-centered lately. He needs a good dose of giving back to others to overcome his self-absorbed behaviors. And he will find exactly that in Utah, which was dubbed the most generous state in the nation in a recent Gallup poll. About 56 percent of residents donate time toward community service while 71 percent give money. Nearly half do both. Your son will enjoy great opportunities for service and hopefully develop a new mindset with a focus on others.

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