Why Southern Utah Has Great Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Boys

Therapeutic boarding school is an educational school for struggling middle- and high-schoolers. In addition to academics, the school offers behavioral and mental health counseling in order to address the serious issues that are at the root of their struggles. These schools differ from wilderness therapy programs, which focuses on a short-term survival program, usually in the harsh elements of nature. They also differ from residential treatment programs, which address addictions, such as substance abuse, eating disorders or other types of harmful behaviors for one to six months. In comparison, a therapeutic boarding school lasts 10 to 12 months and takes a more holistic approach to meeting your child’s needs.

Reasons for Attending a Therapeutic Boarding School in Southern Utah

With some of the most pristine vistas and scenic landscapes in the entire country, Southern Utah provides a wonderful backdrop for a struggling teen who is looking for answers. Your son can take a break from his daily environment and learn in a new setting as he attempts to put his life back together.

Parents enroll their sons in therapeutic boarding schools for the following reasons:

  • To address educational delays or deficiencies
  • To work on behavioral or psychological issues, including alcohol and substance abuse
  • To temporarily escape their negative environment at home and the influences of friends
  • To better cope with learning disabilities or other mental health issues
  • To intervene in reckless, dangerous or criminal situations
  • To develop a successful strategy for coping with life issues.

Most students who attend therapeutic schools have faced academic failure in mainstream educational settings and need strategies to help them succeed.

Advantages of a Therapeutic Boarding School

Even when a student has the intelligence to succeed academically, he might struggle in a traditional classroom. A therapeutic behavioral school helps your son to focus on his school work and maximize his potential.

A therapeutic boarding school not only offers scholastic support for your teen, but the program includes behavioral counseling as well. Since students generally stay for 10 to 12 months, they have time to address any psychological or mental health issues. They connect with the staff, therapists and counselors, who have specialized training to address the needs of the adolescent. A key component of the program is the structure and the discipline that the teens learn.

In addition to academics and behavioral therapy, some schools offer additional types of therapy in order to help the teen. For example, southern Utah terrain includes deserts, forests, hills, mountains and several national parks. The beauty of the outdoors helps bring healing to your teen as he engages in physical activities, such as sports and recreation. Other therapies might include creative arts, music, journaling, art, community service or working with animals.

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