Why Should I Send My Girl To A Christian Ranch For Troubled Youth

Christian ranches for troubled youth are teen help facilities where parents can send their daughters to get counseling and behavior modification from trained professionals. The added benefit for Christian families is that the treatment is done with a Christian approach and viewpoint. There are so many teenage girls who struggle with behavior issues such as ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, trauma, low self-esteem and more. A Christian ranch for troubled youth provides the safety and structure they need in order to tackle their issues.

Many parents ask themselves, “Why should I send my girl to a Christian ranch for troubled youth?” Here are 6 reasons why you should think about it:

  1. Change of environment: Troubled teen girls often crave stability and predictability, especially if their home life is disorderly, chaotic or otherwise negative. A Christian ranch sets up a predictable routine away from bad friends, traditional school and fragile relationships with family, giving teenage girls a chance to reset and relax in a safe and structured environment.
  2. Professional, caring staff: Christian ranches for troubled youth are staffed with trained professionals who truly care about helping kids. Teens are carefully supervised and guided throughout each day in their various activities, from chores and therapy to fun events. The staff also share Christian lessons and encourage teen girls to develop a relationship with a higher power.
  3. Positive behavior modification: Teen girls love to be active and involved in their surroundings so positive behavior modification is a great incentive to encourage them. Because of the fun activities at a Christian ranch, the girls really want to earn privileges that enable them to participate. Positive peer pressure is also very effective in this setting. As a result, the girls gain a strong love of the outdoors as well as a positive work ethic.
  4. Amazing activities: A Christian ranch requires teenage girls to put in a lot of work but also a lot of play. Ranches typically focus on outdoor activities, especially equine therapy. Girls may be responsible for the care of horses or other animals, but it’s not all work and no play. Other high interest activities might include horseback riding, rock climbing, fishing, survival classes, skiing, water sports, hiking, biking, yoga, and so much more. These faculty-led activities are a great motivation for troubled teens to participate.
  5. Exercise and activity: Studies show that being physically active benefits everyone, and troubled teen girls are no exception. Daily physical activity helps them get more healthy and fit, plus it boosts self esteem when certain goals are accomplished. An added bonus is that exercise also help teens get a deeper and more restful sleep because they are worn out.
  6. Deepen faith: Many Christian teens who attend a Christian-based teen help facility develop a deeper appreciation for their family’s faith traditions. Faculty encourage teens to gain a personal relationship to a higher power and recognize the benefits of leading a faithful life.

It’s no wonder that many parents report that Christian ranches for troubled youth have turned their daughters’ lives around. The teens develop a greater opportunity to express themselves, enjoy wholesome endeavors, build healthy relationships and gain more independence. The focus on family, school, self and God are put into proper perspective and help the teens really progress.

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