Why Choose Military School & Boot Camps For My Teen

  1. Is your teenager exhibiting troubling behavior?
  2. Is he making poor choices when it comes to school or friends?
  3. Do you feel like you don’t know your own child anymore?
  4. Are you worried about what your teen is doing to her future?

When your teenager is showing significant behavior problems, it can make you question everything you’ve done for them as a parent. When teens go beyond typical adolescent rebellion and move to serious trouble, it is time for professional help. Many parents turn to military school or behavior boot camps, which claim to make permanent changes in just a few weeks or months. However, most military schools and boot camps aren’t long enough to teach teens long-lasting methods for real change. That’s where therapeutic boarding schools come in.

Military schools and behavior boot camps are often a good starting point to remove your teen from their current environment and start the process of healing and change. However, they shouldn’t be considered a permanent rehabilitation solution. After military school or boot camp, choose a therapeutic boarding school  to continue the progress your teen has already made.

Here are 3 ways that military schools and boot camps prepare kids for therapeutic boarding school:

Health and Fitness

Military schools and behavior boot camps generally emphasize physical activity. From rock climbing and biking to white water rafting and sports, physical activity makes kids fit and helps them build confidence. It also makes them tired and hungry, giving them opportunities to eat healthy meals and get plenty of deep, healing sleep. Many therapeutic boarding schools have physical components to their programs so it’s easy for teens to transition from one to the other.

Setting Goals

Military schools and boot camps give teens plenty of opportunities to set realistic goals and achieve them. Whether its to make it to the next ridge on a hike, set up camp faster than the other team or something else, setting and achieving goals makes teens feel successful, confident and valued by others. It’s a good way to introduce teens to these concepts as they transition to therapeutic boarding schools.

Self Examination

One of the key benefits of military schools and boot camps is that removes teens from their current environment, full of distractions, peers and stress. Often, these programs require journaling, meditation and even group or individual counseling. It gives them a chance to participate in structured activities and start behavior modification with trained professionals. All this will better enable them to thrive in a therapeutic boarding school setting.

When it comes to long-lasting changes, therapeutic boarding schools are the best choice for helping troubled teens. But until you choose one, military schools and behavior boot camps may be the short-term solution you seek.

For guidance on choosing the right therapeutic boarding school for your family, please contact us at Help Your Teen Now.

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