Why a Therapeutic Boarding School Is More Effective Than Boot Camps for Girls

Why a Therapeutic Boarding School Is More Effective Than Boot Camps for Girls

You have a troubled girl. You want to help her, but you’re unsure what the best course of action is. It’s likely you’ve read about therapeutic boarding schools and boot camps, and while they both seem effective, they are different.

From our experience working with troubled girls, we have found therapeutic boarding schools offer much more for them. They fall in line with the way girls need to be guided and supported.

Teen Girls’ Emotional Needs

Therapeutic boarding schools tap into the emotional needs of teen girls. With mental health professionals on staff, girls receive the education they need to build on their problem-solving skills.

When girls attend a therapeutic boarding school, they don’t focus on anything but their self-care and development. They are comforted as they go through the millions of thoughts and emotions that run through them. They receive the counseling they need to be able to improve their self-esteem and feel as though they can create a life they will be proud of someday.

Social Learning

Not only do they learn how to problem solve, but they also use their skills with others while at the school. Through group therapy, they can see how their skills work and become confident in them.

Individualized Programs Meeting the Needs of Teen Girls

Since every girl is different, each one receives unique help. By assessing their needs when they enter the therapeutic program , a treatment plan can be created that will help them meet milestones. These milestones will show them they are progressing successfully towards graduation. Having this system allows them to see they really can shape their life in a certain way.

Discipline Exercises for Real World Situations

Discipline is handled differently in therapeutic boarding schools. Just like in life, consequences follow bad choices. When teen girls make the wrong decision, they suffer the consequences. At first, we want our girls to make mistakes because that’s how they learn. Every time they break the rules, they deal with the repercussions of it, and that is what changes them little by little. By the time they leave the program, they understand rules, laws, and authority. They know if they break the law or don’t follow rules posed by authority figures, they will be punished.

Make a Decision Based on Your Teen Girl

Teen boys and girls are different. They have different needs. While therapeutic boarding schools can be effective for teen boys, they are even more effective for teen girls when compared to boot camps. Girls need tenderhearted guidance from people who know how to tap into them in a way that leads to lasting changes.

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