When Your Teen Is in Trouble, Do They Turn to You for Help?

When Your Teen Is in Trouble, Do They Turn to You for Help?

Teens experience some unique challenges. It’s a natural part of figuring out who they are as their bodies change and they grow into adulthood. They often need to talk things through and share some of the emotion that’s bottled up inside, but who do they turn to for help?

Is it you? A relative? Their friends? Your teens will first turn to the people they trust the most in a time a need, and if it’s not you, it probably should be.

If you’re there for your teens to talk to, you’ll be able to assess major concerns and give advice that can help to shape their lives for the better. You’ll also be there when they’re trying to figure out dangerous influences like substance abuse, teenage sex, and choosing good friends. If the trust is in place, they’re more likely to follow your counsel.

Many teens don’t feel like they can trust their parents with sensitive information. They’re afraid their parents will laugh at their problems or will metaphorically fly off the handle. Oftentimes, this thought process is grounded in some element of truth. If you’ve laughed at your child’s problem in the past or gotten very angry over a small mistake, teens won’t trust you to share some of their most important secrets and concerns.

If your teens don’t feel like they can turn to you for help, it will be difficult to get them back on your side, but not impossible. There are several things you can do to build a stronger sense of trust and turn you into their first line of defense when they need to talk.

Control Your Emotions

Getting mad at every mistake your child makes will teach them they can’t trust you to handle information in a cool and calm manner. They’ll be afraid to talk to you. Learn to school your emotions so that you can keep the anger inside and instead focus on constructive improvements.

Earn the Trust

You’ll never rebuild trust if you don’t earn it first. Set aside one-on-one time with your teen where you can share common interests and become friends. Show that you can keep a secret and that you’ll handle information given in a constructive and non judgmental manner.

Get Professional Help When Necessary

Sometimes, rebuilding trust is a matter of getting professional help. If your teen is really troubled, a residential boarding school can provide the guidance they need to get back on track with you. You can work closely with your teen through counseling to establish bonds of trust that were previously gone.

Finding the right treatment center can be difficult. Help Your Teen Now can help. We help you find the best therapeutic boarding schools near you. For more information, call 1-800-901-7347.

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