When To Tell Your Troubled Teen To ‘Rub Some (Arizona) Dirt On It’

Once you have decided to send your troubled teen to a boys’ ranch, your son might put up a lot of resistance or even outright rebellion. At some point, you will need to firmly put your foot down and tell him that he must attend or face other unpleasant consequences.

Making the Decision to Send Your Son to Boarding School

You likely took months, possibly years, to come to the decision to send your teen to boarding school. You have likely exhausted all other options, including counseling, working with your child’s school, switching schools and medications, all with little permanent changes. Your son’s issues are negatively affecting the rest of your family while your son continues to slide downhill. Consider the following factors:

The impact on other children in the home How your family is affected overall His willingness to attend individual or family counseling, and the effectiveness of the counseling His indication or verbalization that he is willing to change.

​You might decide that you are no longer willing to sacrifice the rest of your family in order to keep your son at home. If that is the case, it is time to move forward with sending him to a boarding school for troubled teens.

Finding a Long-Term Solution for Your Son and Family

While you might struggle with your decision to send your troubled teen to a boy’s ranch, you are probably very conflicted about what to do.

You are relieved to know that hope is in sight but wonder about the following:

  1. Does sending your child away mean that you are a bad parent?
  2. Isn’t raising your child your responsibility?
  3. Can you trust someone else to take care of your son?
  4. Will he think I am giving up on him? Will he ever forgive me?
  5. What if he runs away from boarding school?

Other Considerations Before You Send Your Son to Boarding School

Review the following before you make your final decision:

  1. Do you or other family members walk on eggs shells around your child?
  2. Do you tend to avoid certain topics because you know they will result in a fight?
  3. Do you sleep well at night or stay up worrying about where your son is or who he is with?
  4. Can you trust him when he is at home alone? Do you worry if he stays alone with younger siblings?
  5. Do you feel safe with him in the home?
  6. Do you have to lock your door at night in order to prevent him coming into your room or theft of your things?
  7. Are you neglecting your spouse or other children because you are spending all your time and energy on him?
  8. Is he starting to engage in illegal activity?
  9. Do you think he might get himself into more serious legal trouble if he does not attend a boys’ ranch?

Once you have answered these questions, you should find greater peace for yourself, your teen and your family. You can move forward as you make a decision to send your child to an Arizona therapeutic boarding school where your teen will grow academically, behaviorally, socially, emotionally and even physically as he enjoys the temperate climate during the school year. In the meantime, you and your family can spend this time regrouping while he is away.

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