When To Send Your Girl To A Girls Ranch For Troubled Teens

It’s no secret that teen girls can be rebellious, stubborn and generally uncooperative so many parents wonder at what point that typical teenage girl behavior becomes troubled teenage behavior. Learning to recognize the right time to make such a hard decision is critical in getting your daughter the help she needs to slow down and eventually stop her slide into trouble. There are several signs you can look for to know when to send your girl to a girls ranch for troubled teens.

One sign to keep your eyes open for is extreme antisocial behavior. It’s not uncommon for teens to make changes in their lineup of friends, but it’s a problem if they cut off old friends completely or withdraw from friends entirely. Defiance with authority figures, such as other adults, teachers or adult leaders is another warning sign, especially if such defiance is very different than earlier behavior.

Aggression and violence is another warning sign that it might be time to send your girl to a girls ranch for troubled teens. As teens deal with a range of emotions, hormones and fears, those who don’t have well-developed coping skills can turn to aggression and violence to keep control. When you are really afraid your teen will hurt someone, or if she already has, it’s time to take action. Be aware that some teens turn their aggression and violence inward and self-harm, by cutting, pulling hair or giving themselves bruises or other injuries.

School performance is another good gauge to determine your teenage girl’s current mental and emotional state. If you notice a serious drop in grades, activities and enthusiasm for school, that could be a red flag. This doesn’t mean that your daughter has to get straight A’s or else. It simply means that her current school performance is different than in the past and you are noticing a significant change in attitude about academics and school involvement.

Mood swings are common in teenage girls, and it’s not unusual to start the day on a real emotional high and end on a low, or vice versa. However, manic mood swings, compulsion, or depressive attitudes more frequently than normal can indicate a deeper problem. Teen depression is a real thing and the symptoms are different than adult depression. Any talk of suicide or death should be a big warning sign that means your daughter needs help right away.

The most important thing to know is that you are the best person to recognize when things just aren’t going right for your teenage daughter. Trust your instincts and if you notice anything going on that isn’t listed here that seems to be significant variation from her normal behavior. You must decide when it is the right time to intercede in her life and get her the professional help she needs, via a therapeutic girls ranch.

Do not wait until your teenage daughter experiences a crisis before you take action. You may be talking yourself into the fact that her problems aren’t that bad or she’s just in a phase. Start with a professional psychological evaluation and get a therapist’s opinion on whether or not your teen girl would benefit from a girls ranch. It’s better to have your worries turn out to be unfounded than to risk your daughter’s long-term health and wellness.

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