When Regular Therapy Fails, Choose A Residential Treatment Center for Teens

Regular Therapy
Once regular therapy fails to help a troubled teen break free of their negative behaviors, many parents are at a loss for what to do.

Often, that was their last resort, having already tried boundary-setting, long conversations, meetings with school administration, and more. However, for parents who have tried everything, there is still one more option that can help their teens change their lives—residential treatment centers.

Residential Treatment Provides More Structure For Teens

At residential treatment centers, troubled teens come to live at the center full time. This complete immersion allows teens to have more structure than can be offered by any parents or school.

While attending a residential treatment center, troubled teens will have highly structured daily schedules, from morning therapy and physical conditioning to their academic classes in the afternoon. The teens will be supervised by direct care staff as well as the other professionals at the residential treatment center. That way, they can always have help in continuing to make positive choices.

As most troubled teens who attend a residential treatment center have struggled with out-of-control behaviors and difficulty with emotional regulation, the structure provided in treatment allows teens to become more centered. With greater focus and centered emotions, it is far easier for troubled teens to make permanent changes for the better.

Troubled Teens Grow More With Immersive Therapy At A RTC

Along with the structured environment, residential treatment centers also provide highly immersive therapy. While regular therapy may not have had the success the parents were hoping for, it isn’t usually the fault of the therapy or even the teen.

In reality, making behavioral and emotional changes are tough at any age. For truly troubled teens, going to therapy even a few times a week may not be enough support to help them make the changes they need.

So, built into the healthy structure of a residential treatment center are layers of therapy. From personal therapy with a therapist who specializes in working with troubled teens to assignments meant to provoke self-reflection, teens spend their days engaged in various therapeutic activities. With the program centered around therapy, teens can finally have the structured, supportive environment they didn’t know they needed.

If these things sound like something which would benefit your struggling teenage, but you aren’t sure how to even start looking for a residential treatment center, contact us. We have helped many families over the years to find the right program to help their son or daughter make positive growth, and we are ready to help your family!

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