What Your Teen Girl Can Find in Herself After a Stay at a Troubled Teen Ranch

When your troubled teen girl needs more help than you can give at home, you may feel as if you have failed. You may worry that she will blame you for “sending her away.” But the truth is that some troubled teens are not able to experience healing in a regular home or school environment–at least not at first–and need extra help that you cannot give on your own. Let’s look at the benefits of residential therapy, and what your teen girl can find in herself after a stay at a ranch for troubled teens.

Benefits of Residential Therapy

A residential treatment center first focuses on helping your teen girl take personal responsibility for her own actions. They do this through intensive individual therapy, group therapy, and therapy for the entire family. This helps your daughter realize that she is the one who is responsible for her own bad choices.

Ranches and other residential treatment centers run on a privilege system. Teens earn privileges for good behavior. This gives your daughter an incentive for making better choices.

A ranch for troubled teens is often located in an unfamiliar environment, where there is nowhere else to run. This forces your teen girl to stick around and begin building the coping skills that she needs to start policing her own behavior.

Parents are included in therapy, which helps you learn how you can better assist your teen girl in changing her own behaviors.

What Your Teen Girl Can Find in Herself Through Therapy

With successful residential therapy, your teen girl can find out a lot about herself. In a troubled teen ranch setting, your daughter must live a more disciplined life. She will get up early, work hard around the ranch, and also work hard on herself. She will find in herself the ability to work hard and the sense of self-accomplishment after a job well done.

Girls in a ranch setting get to experience literally working through their problems, and working hard. They see that hard work is worthwhile and brings its own benefits. Self esteem rises. Poor habits can be changed.

Animal therapy is a natural part of life at a ranch for troubled teens, and through learning about and caring for an animal, your teen girl can find in herself the sense that the world is bigger than just her. Working with horses in particular provides her the opportunity to exercise both her mind and body in positive ways. Many teens find caring for a horse to be extremely motivational in helping them change their behavior.

If you are struggling with your teen girl, don’t overlook the growth, healing and personal potential she can find through therapy at a ranch for troubled teens. Look into it today.

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