What Your Drug Addicted Daughter Will Learn From A Girls Wilderness Therapy Program

What Your Drug Addicted Daughter Will Learn From A Girls Wilderness Therapy Program

When most parents think of teen drug rehabilitation programs, they usually envision a clinic-style setting where teens sit around in a circle and talk about their problems. However, one of the more successful drug treatment programs is known as wilderness therapy program. Your drug-addicted daughter will learn a lot about herself, her issues and what she needs to do to overcome her addiction. Parents like you, who are desperate for a way to help their troubled teenage daughter, should consider a girls wilderness therapy program.

What is a Wilderness Therapy Program?

Wilderness rehabilitation programs for teenagers are highly impactful experiences where teens, guided by qualified staff, spend time living in a primitive setting as they go through various traditional and recreational therapy. Studies show that there are plenty of benefits for teens to get immersed in nature, especially if their home life is particularly negative.

Wilderness therapy programs are full of activities designed to get teens active and involved with others. They are able to leave all the trappings of the modern world behind and only deal with essential things. Teen girls have the chance to discover what is important to them, what their ideas for the future are and what they need to do to overcome their addictions once and for all.

What Teens Learn in Wilderness Therapy Programs

Wilderness therapy programs are especially helpful for teens with substance abuse issues, because it gives them a chance to leave behind all the social triggers that fuel their need for drugs. It also isolates them from their sources of the drugs, and forces them to confront the struggle within as to why they need the drugs. The best wilderness programs employ licensed therapists and counselors, who work with the teens on identifying their mental health issues and work on using better coping skills.

Wilderness programs generally include setting up a primitive campsite, and learning different chores like setting up tents, camp cooking, basic chores and more domestic tasks. They usually learn survival skills, such as how to find food in the wilderness, how to stay warm and dry, and how to read a map and a compass.

At wilderness therapy programs, there are also all kinds of activities planned, from hiking, biking and horseback riding to canoeing, fishing and more. Teen girls get to enjoy themselves, make friends, learn new skills and get involved in a life where drugs are not involved.

Teens will also receive therapy sessions, both individual and in groups. The focus is on their substance abuse and the underlying triggers that may be fueling the desire for drugs. As they work through their issues, they are better prepared to choose a drug-free life rather than turn back to their addictions.

In summary, wilderness therapy programs are ideal for teen girls with drug issues. Teens with mental illness, behavior problems and substance abuse issues participate in these outdoor adventure programs managed by highly trained staff, and often see very positive results. If you are wondering how you can best help your teen daughter on drugs, consider wilderness therapy programs in your area.

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