What You Can Expect From Instructors At Sundance Canyon Academy

What You Can Expect From Instructors At Sundance Canyon Academy

Teens with severe emotional and behavioral issues often require more help than parents can provide. When your teen’s behavior spirals out of control and no amount of reasoning or discipline seems to work, it might be time to seek help from qualified professionals who specialize in helping troubled teens.

As a premier residential treatment center for troubled boys, we at Sundance Canyon Academy understand how tough it is to have to send your son away for treatment. You probably doubt your decision and feel guilty about leaving your son with strangers.

We would like to assure you that your teenage son will be in good hands throughout his duration at our treatment center. We have worked with countless struggling teens for over a decade and we know what works and what doesn’t. That is why we’ve taken great care to put together a highly trained, dedicated and experienced staff to help young men get their lives back on track.

Here’s what you can expect from our instructors:

  • Empathy, active listening and unconditional care. Counsellors at our treatment center employ a holistic model to identify the underlying issues that fuel teens’ behavioral problems. Once teens feel they’re listened to and understood they’ll put in effort into learning habits and skills that make them productive members of society.
  • Fully licensed professionals. Our staff is made up of Ph.D. and Masters level therapists, counselors, psychiatrists and teachers who have the requisite experience and training to assist your son in addressing the issues that he is struggling with.
  • Parental consultations and weekly progress reports. To keep you abreast of your son’s treatment, our instructors will give you weekly progress reports as well as contact you for regular parental consultations. This way, you can be an active participant in your son’s recovery.
  • Accredited academic curriculum. Along with the therapeutic program, we also provide a nationally accredited academic curriculum to enable our students to continue working towards successful graduation and admission to college while they are away from home. Our academic program is run by certified teachers and instructors who are ready to provide assistance in academics, college courses, scholarships and career guidance, among others.
  • Recreational and experiential education. Our treatment program extends beyond therapy to cover recreational and experiential learning. With this in mind, we offer music and culinary classes as well as outdoor expeditions. These classes are conducted by trained music teachers, chefs and outdoor experts who know just how to inspire their students’ creativity while teaching them important life skills.

Sending your son to a residential treatment center might seem like a drastic step, but it is a necessary one if you want him to get the help he requires to shake off bad habits and turn his life around. Hopefully, knowing that he is under the best professional care will ease your mind, allowing you to now focus on his treatment and recovery.

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