What To Look For In A Ranch For Troubled Boys


There are many youth help programs and facilities across the country and they range from therapeutic boarding schools to wilderness camps to boys ranches. When parents decide that their troubled teen sons need professional help over a longer period of time, many turn to boys ranches as the solution.

Not all facilities and programs are equal, so parents need to learn what to look for in a ranch for troubled boys to ensure they are putting their child in the program that best meets his needs.

High Standards

Parents should look for a boys ranch with high ethical standards. There are many ranches for troubled boys out there that adhere to high standards of care, counseling, treatment and support, while a few ranches for troubled boys have a lower success rate in helping teen boys overcome their issues. Parents should look for ranches with comprehensive therapy and recreation programs that are designed to give teen boys the help and experience they need to be successful.

Qualified Staff

The best ranches for troubled boys will have experienced and licensed professionals working there. From therapists and counselors to the medical team and activities leaders, staff members should be carefully selected and trained to provide the most help for troubled teen boys. Youth ranches are generally equipped to handle a certain number of teens and the staff members should each have a record of success in providing treatment, security and guidance.

Appropriate Programs

Not all boys ranches are equipped to deal with all conditions that teen boys may struggle with. While the most common emotional or mental health issues include ADD, ADHD, adoption or abandonment issues, bipolar, abuse trauma, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and substance abuse, the best boys ranch should have experience in treating the exact condition of each boy. Parents should get an official diagnosis form the family doctor or psychiatrist, an then look for a ranch for troubled boys that matches the condition of their son.

Positive Recreation

Youth ranches give teens a chance to get outdoors, perform physical activities and build their self-esteem. the best youth ranches have a strong work and recreation component. Some of the more common activities at boys ranches includes hiking, biking, horseback riding, survival skills and camping, water sports, skiing, team sports and more. Not only do boys learn how to set and achieve goals, but they learn that they can overcome any number of challenges in a positive, healthy way.

The parents of teen boys who have out-of-control behavioral and emotional challenges should seriously consider a ranch for troubled boys, and take the steps to ensure they’ve found a quality facility that will provide long-term results.

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