What Military School Is Best For My Teen?

As a parent, you know deep down when it is time for your troubled teen to enroll in a facility where they can get full time help. Although it is one of the hardest things to do–turn your beloved child’s welfare over to someone else–sometime it’s best for your teen to leave their current situation and attend a therapeutic facility. While some may claim that military school, with its strict hierarchy and stress on obedience and discipline, is the answer to what your teen needs, it’s not exactly the best place for your child. Instead, consider therapeutic boarding schools as the solution to your family problems.

Instead of deciding what military school is best for your teen, think about what therapeutic boarding school will best fit your child’s unique needs. The right therapeutic boarding school will focus on helping your teen overcome their emotional and behavioral challenges.

When it’s time to send your troubled teen to a therapeutic boarding school, look for one that meets the needs of your child. Locating the best therapeutic boarding schools for your teen’s needs is an overwhelming task and you might feel stressed about it. However, there are many resources available for you to do your research and make a good choice.

Here are 6 things to do for when searching for the best teen help facility for your child:

  1. Talk to your child’s current support group, like their physician and therapist, to get a clear understanding of what challenges your child is facing and what features in a facility they might recommend.

  2. Match your teen’s challenges to the therapeutic boarding school’s specialties. For example, if your teen struggles with depression, make sure the school has experience treating adolescent depression.

  3. Talk to a parent advocate group that specializes in sharing information about different therapeutic boarding schools and isn’t affiliated with any facility so you get unbiased reviews.

  4. Chat with other parents whose children have gone through the programs you are interested and get their perspectives on what they liked and didn’t like about each facility. Use social media, referrals and neutral parent advocate groups as a starting point.

  5. Consider location and whether the therapeutic boarding school is too close to your teen’s current social circle and would prevent them from making a fresh start. Also, many schools are built to take advantage of regional features, like lakes, mountains, deserts and so forth, so make sure it matches your child’s basic interests.

  6. Check out each school’s website to study their rehabilitation philosophy. For example, some schools are Christian-based, while others may follow a particular type of approach to adolescent treatment.

Not ever therapeutic boarding school is right for every troubled teen and there is no one size fits all, so it’s important to find out which facility is best for your teen. Remember, you are not a bad parent if you decide to enroll your child in a therapeutic boarding school. It takes guts to make this decision and honestly, it is one of the bravest things you may ever do. Choosing a therapeutic boarding school that is best for your teen is the first step in getting everyone’s life back on track.

For guidance on choosing the right therapeutic boarding school for your family, please contact us at Help Your Teen Now.


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