What Is Therapeutic About A Troubled Teen Boarding School 

While boarding schools for troubled teens often have a reputation of strict rules with structured schedules in place, they also offer support for young people who are facing a myriad of emotional or behavioral problems, such as substance abuse or learning challenges. Each school differs in how it is set up, depending on the state and regulations, size, treatment emphasis, staffing and more.

Emotional growth education is another term that is sometimes used to describe therapeutic & alternative boarding schools in Florida and across the nation. This type of curriculum emphasizes self-esteem, self-understanding, communication skills and work ethic along with scholastic achievements, based on Erik Erikson’s model of child development. In this setting, the rationale behind behavioral issues is immaturity. The structure of the community can effectively address these needs. However, these programs are not always successful for teens with severe issues, which should be addressed by truly therapeutic schools. Since the development of the term “emotional growth education,” it has gradually been substituted for more structured programs and used interchangeably to mean a therapeutic or alternative boarding school. Parents and guardians, in coordination with professionals, bear the responsibility of determining the type of school that will best meet their child’s needs.

Focus of a Therapeutic Boarding School

<a href= https://helpyourteennow.com/therapeutic-alternative-boarding-schools-in-florida/>Therapeutic & alternative boarding schools in Florida </a> focus on several areas of expertise in order to help struggling teens. In addition to a structured program, they offer the following:

Strong academics Building productive family relationships Individualized counseling Group interaction Teamwork and activities Help adjusting back into the family Transitioning into a traditional school or Preparing for post-high school life.

Examples of Activities at Therapeutic Boarding Schools

While alternative & therapeutic boarding schools in Florida traditionally seemed more like boot camp, some of the new models offer a strict but gentler approach. An emphasis on academics is nearly always a top priority. For example, schools might include the following activities:

Mountain hikes Horseback riding Outdoor sports, such as volleyball, softball or swimming and Creative endeavors, such as painting, crafts or music lessons.

How a Boarding School Might Benefit a Struggling Teen

If you are considering therapeutic & alternative boarding schools in Florida for your troubled teen, you might want to know exactly how these schools can help. Teens often struggle in traditional classroom settings due to learning disabilities and needs that require the unique environment offered at a boarding school. Sometimes, attendees are taking prescription medications or dealing with various conditions, such as

  • depression
  • learning disabilities
  • anxiety
  • bipolar
  • eating disorders or
  • other medical issues.

They could face academic challenges yet blame others for their problems while they refuse to accept responsibility for their own behavior. They might be spending time with the wrong friends and need a new environment in order to succeed academically. These young people might have come from an even more structured program, such as intense substance abuse treatment or a criminal justice environment, and they are transitioning back into the community. Another area that therapeutic boarding schools address is the child’s inability to adjust emotionally. These schools integrate emotional growth with academics in order to help your young person succeed once they have completed their schooling.

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