What Is Special About Christian Therapeutic Boarding Schools

For parents and teens who are devout Christians, yet the teens are struggling with certain behavioral, mental or emotional issues, there are certain facilities that may provide a unique solution. Christian therapeutic boarding schools provide academic and therapeutic help for teen struggling with a range of issues, all with a Christian approach.

So what is special about therapeutic boarding schools with a Christian emphasis? When parents decide to send their troubled teens to Christian therapeutic boarding schools, they feel that the way the staff can implement Christian lessons, teachings and stories into the world view, the activities and the rehabilitation structure. Even the academic curriculum might implement Christian teachings. As long as the teen is comfortable with a Christian approach to learning and to therapy, Christian therapeutic boarding schools can really benefit. If the teen is not open to such an emphasis, it’s probably a good idea to look at a non-religious school.

If keeping certain religious values are important to parents and teens who are seeking help, there are Christian therapeutic boarding schools ready to receive them.  While all therapeutic boarding schools can provide recreational, academic and social activities, Christian schools heavily incorporate certain elements of Christian teachings into everyday life, such as evening religious devotionals, regular church meetings, public prayer and scripture study. While all schools like this usually include outdoor and recreational activities, Christian therapeutic boarding schools incorporate religious meaning and lessons.

If parents are seeking a therapeutic boarding school that is Christian, there are several things that parents should look for that applies to all facilities. The staff members should be well-trained and property licensed, from therapists to counselors to teachers. The facilities should be clean and comply with all state standards. Finally, the facility should have a successful track record of satisfied parents and teens. If the Christian therapeutic boarding school meets all these requirements, then parents can feel satisfied that it may be the right place for their teen. However, just because a facility takes a Christian approach doesn’t make it automatically better than therapeutic boarding schools with a non-denominational philosophy.

Many parents may wonder what is special about Christian therapeutic boarding schools. Teens who struggle with issues and challenges like ADD/ADHD, anxiety, trauma, depression, eating disorders, low self-esteem, and are Christian believers, may benefit from therapy and counseling with Christian staff and using Christian language to effect change. In a therapeutic boarding school, teens need to feel safe, supported and challenged. For many, their religious faith can provide many of those things and a Christian therapeutic boarding school can be a familiar place to start the long journey to recovery.

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