What Can Your Troubled Teen Learn at a Boys Ranch?


You have tried every option that you can think of to help your struggling son, including counseling, threats, promises of rewards, restrictions and more. So far, nothing has worked, and you aren’t sure which direction to turn next. Consider a to help your adolescent get back on track.

The Environment at a Boys’ Ranch

A boys’ ranch provides a unique physical environment conducive to the personal growth that your teen needs. The desert vistas, ranch setting and the adjustment to a new location all combine to make the principles of the program even more effective.

Therapeutic Treatment

Your son will receive therapeutic treatment from trained professionals who genuinely care about his well-being. Our facility focuses on dealing with the root issues that he faces, including the following:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Worry, fear and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder, often due to abuse or other issues

Teens with these challenges often lash out in anger or may engage in self-harm. They might resort to substance abuse in order to numb the emotional pain that they feel. By addressing the root issues, we can deal with these very serious symptoms.

Therapeutic treatment is designed to address behavioral and emotional needs. All aspects of the ranch environment support our treatment philosophy, including the physical work and hands-on contact the boys have with the horses. This setting helps teens process what they are hearing in group and personal counseling as they work.

Family Therapy

Family therapy involves parents and supports what the teen is learning at the ranch. In addition, the parents can integrate these techniques into their home in order to reinforce their child’s new found skills.

Academic Benefits

Academically, our boys’ ranch can meet your son right where he is at, whether he is on target for high school graduation or needs to participate in our credit recovery program. The online and accredited curriculum might serve his needs better than a traditional classroom setting. We will assess his scholastic situation and determine the best course of study for him. He will also benefit from vocational training, such as agriculture and construction, along with the standard academic curriculum.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning means that your child is participating in activities instead of listening or talking. This integral part of the process allows others to model how to work with the horses and how to do the required chores. The boys then experience first-hand the value of a job well done. They feel an immediate connection with the animals as they give the children unconditional acceptance without regard for appearance. However, an animal will respond in kind when mistreated, so the teens learn how to adjust their behavior in order to work with the horses.

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