What Can I Do To Help My Troubled Teen Boy?

It can be isolating when your teenage son is acting out. Between the embarrassing behaviors and the judgment leveled at parents of troubled teens, it can be hard to reach out when you need help with your troubled son. Though it is likely not your fault that your son is acting out, we understand the difficult position you are in and have some ways you can help your son.

Develop Greater Structure At Home

Even teenage boys who are not acting out like to push boundaries. While you can’t control their behavior outside of the home, you can create greater structure for your son while he is inside the home. Some potential areas you can develop more structure are:

  • Set meal times – Meals are a great time to touch base as a family. This can become even more important as teens become older and have busier schedules.
  • Firm curfew – Your son’s curfew should be set and not affected by behavior. By having a firm curfew, you can be less of the authoritarian and your son cannot pretend he wasn’t sure what the time the curfew was as it will remain unchanging.
  • Go over homework – Many troubled boys struggle academically, which is why it is important to review their homework with them. Have a set time every weekday where you sit down and review homework with your son.
  • Consistent chores – Give your son a few chores which are consistently his to complete. If you can have set times when they need to be performed, this can add to the overall structure of your home.

Work With Local Resources To Help Troubled Teen Boy

Depending on what your son is struggling with, you may need to work with some of your local resources to help him correct his path. While your location may restrict which you have access to, these resources should not judge you for reaching out.

  • School – There are several resources in your son’s school, from the guidance counselor to your son’s teachers. They can coordinate with you and help your son correct his academic struggles.
  • Parents group – Some areas host weekly or monthly parenting groups where parents can come together and give each other support. These groups are generally monitored so they remain helpful and civil.
  • Therapy – Family and individual therapy can be incredibly helpful in improving communication among family members. Therapist-lead sessions can also allow both parents and son to air problems in a healthy environment.

More Intensive Treatment Options When Others Fail Your Son

Sometimes when teen boys are struggling with deeper problems, more intensive treatment options are needed. Depending on your son’s needs, help in the form of a therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment center can blend therapy and academics with plenty of healthy structure.

Here at Help Your Teen Now, we help parents find which treatment option is the right one for their troubled son. Reach out today and allow one of our advocates help you discover what your options are, completely free of charge.

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