Wediko School

New Hampshire residential treatment center Wediko School provides therapy and academic help for boys with bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, ADD, ADHD, reactive attachment disorders, Asperger’s, post traumatic stress disorders and non-verbal learning disorders. The school is located on 450 acres with forests and a lake, providing a rustic and relaxed place for teen boys to get help.

Wediko School in Windsor, New Hampshire Key Facts

School Name : Wediko School
Location : Windsor, New Hampshire
Ages : 11-21
School Gender : Boys
Support for ADD/ADHD Students : Yes
Year Founded : 1989

Licensed Faculty at School

The clinical team at Wediko School includes doctors of psychology, therapists with master’s degrees in social work and mental health counseling, and therapists with master’s degrees in counseling. The academic staff includes teachers with master’s degrees in education and licensed special education teachers.

Student Activities Available

Apart from therapy and academics, activities are a big part of a teen boy’s life at Wediko School. Seasonal activities include canoeing, hiking, playing outdoor team sports like basketball or capture the flag. Winter activities include snowboarding. Extracurricular clubs like photography or the school paper are also highly attended. Community service is a key part of campus life, and boys can also earn privileges for weekend fun, like movies, museums and volunteering at the animal shelter.

Map of School Location

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