Utilizing Therapeutic Boarding Schools To Rebuild Your Parent/Child Relationship


As parents, we’ve all had days, even weeks, when we struggle to communicate with our teenagers. We can’t seem to find a balance or see eye to eye, and the arguments and anger keeps building. Sometimes it feels like you’ll never get your teen back, and you’re running out of options on how to help. Therapeutic Boarding Schools take the teen out of the home, giving both you and your child a chance to breathe, reflect and learn.

These boarding schools have licensed staff members who are trained to work with troubled teens regularly, and are skilled in treating issues such as depression, anxiety, anger issues and substance abuse. They are trained mediators, counselors and guides with the common goal of supporting your teen, and getting them back on track.

Therapeutic boarding schools are a long-term solution that could potentially be the answer for you and your teen. Most schools like these not only work with your son or daughter, but you as well… teaching you tips, tricks and coping mechanisms.

This also gives the schools an opportunity to work with your troubled teen one-on-one, for an extended period of time which has been proven to result in more permanent, positive changes. During this time, your young one will receive therapy, counseling and support, but also learn how to set goals and achieve them.

Often times boarding schools use different types of recreation to get the teens moving, make them face new challenges, build relationships and develop new skills they can be proud of.

By separating you and your troubled teen, it gives you both a chance to learn how to manage your anger and reactions, deal with conflict, and work on expectations and setting realistic ones. This time apart allows you both to reflect, set aside the walls you have built and look deep within on how you communicate with each other. This fresh start typically helps open up communication between you and your teen, while allowing them to use some of the personal skills they developed while away.

And don’t fret about getting separated from your child: most, if not all schools, provide regular communication and updates about your son or daughter’s progress. When they’re ready to come home, these schools also provide transition tools to make the move successful. Whether you just need someone to talk to, counseling on the changes with your child, or step-by-step training and support on integrating them back into normal life – they’re there to help.

Still questioning whether this is right for you and your troubled teen? Therapeutic boarding schools are great options for these circumstances, but only you can make that decision and what’s right for your child. Just don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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