Treating Self-Harm Habits At A Therapeutic Boarding School

Many troubled teens turn their negative feelings inward rather than acting out. This can manifest in several ways, though one of the more terrifying ways for parents is when they see their teen has self-harmed.

Potential Causes Behind Self-Harming

There are several reasons why troubled teens turn to self-harm. What surprises many parents is that self-harm isn’t necessarily out of a desire to commit suicide but instead is a symptom of other problems. However, that doesn’t mean self-harm isn’t serious. Some of the potential causes behind a troubled teen’s self-harm are:

  • Some troubled teens are unable to process emotional distress on their own. Teens lack the perspective and experience that enables adults to deal with the kinds of emotional struggles which drive troubles teen to self-harm.
  • The teen has fallen in with a group that glorifies self-harm. As bizarre as it sounds, some teens participate in self-harm to fit in with their “friends”. Teens which encourage each other in self-harming practices are often engaged in other negative behaviors.
  • Other teens use self-harm as a cry for help. When some teens leave obvious self-harm marks, they may be using it as a method to ask for attention. While some may be inclined to dismiss this behavior as simple attention-seeking, it shows a level of high distress if the teen felt that self-harm was the only way to ask for attention and help.
  • Out of a desire to feel in control, some teens will self-harm. A combination of stress and a desire to have more control over their lives, some teens will self-harm.
  • Feeling “dead” inside may drive self-harming behaviors of some troubled teens. Some teens who are struggling with dissociation have self-harmed. Many of these teens have experienced trauma which induced the dissociation.

Treating Teens Who Self-Harm At Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Whether their intent is suicidal or not, teens who are self-harming are in danger of serious injury, accidental suicide, and other negative behaviors may occur as the teens spiral further out-of-control.

By sending your self-harming teen to a therapeutic boarding school, you can break the cycle of self-harm. At therapeutic boarding schools, your teen will receive immediate therapeutic support and help in developing new, positive coping methods while residing in a healthy environment that will help them put their lives back on track.

Choose The Right Program For Your Troubled Teen

If your teen is self-harming and you want to find the right program to help them, contact Help Your Teen Now. We will reach out to you so you can discuss the extent of your teen’s issues and help you determine what the best program for them would be.

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