Benefits of Using Transportation Services to Transport Your Teen to a Residential Treatment Center

Benefits of Using Transportation Services to Transport Your Teen to a Residential Treatment Center
When you choose a residential treatment center over a boot camp or military school for your troubled teenager, there is still the question of how to get your teen to the treatment center. While some parents can successfully transport their teenagers, there are other teens that are more resistant to going to a residential treatment center. These teens may resort to manipulation, run away from home, or act out in other ways.

Instead of dealing with these things on your own, you can bring in transportation services to get your teen safely to a residential treatment center.

What Are Transportation Services For Troubled Teens

Some struggling teens react very negatively to being informed that they will be attending a residential treatment center for troubled teens. There have been parents who are concerned that once they tell their teenagers where they are going, matters will escalate at home.

One of the services we can recommend parents who consult us here at Help Your Teen Now is to choose transportation services for their teens. With transportation services, two trained transportation agents—sometimes called interventionists—come to pick up your teen and safely transport them to their residential treatment center.

While in-transit, the agents can help your teen prepare for the transition to a residential treatment center, educating them, and providing emotional support during the transportation process. Parents often benefit from allowing troubled teen transportation services, as it can reduce the likelihood of outbursts, threats, and other ways troubled teens often lash out at their parents.

Outline For How Transportation Services For Troubled Teens

How each troubled teen transportation service operates will vary somewhat, depending on the company. However, there is a general outline most of them follow.

  • After choosing the service you will use, the transportation service will develop a plan with you to safely transport your teen.
  • The transportation team will arrive at your home. They will need the items you want to have transported with your teen, and information on home layout, possible routes your teen may try to leave from, and the current status of your teen.
  • The actual intervention when the transportation agents confront your teen can be difficult for everyone. You will need to take the agents to your teenage and give your teen a short explanation of who they are and where your teen is going.
  • Transportation takes place next, which may be by car or by plane, depending on where your teen is being transported. The team will remain with your teenager the entire time.
  • Once the residential treatment program is reached, the transportation team will escort your teen to the staff and give a report to both the receiving staff and to you.

Common Questions About Troubled Teen Transportation

There are some common questions we receive about troubled teen transportation services. Feel free to read through the most common below, and always feel free to reach out to us if you don’t see your question answered.

Are Physical Restraints Used?

Transportation agents are trained to de-escalate confrontation with aggressive teens, and treat the teens they are transporting with respect. However, when necessary for the safety of the teen and agents, physical restraints such as handcuffs may be used. Feel free to ask any potential transportation service you are considering using what they do when it comes to physical restraints.

Will My Teen Be Taken In The Middle Of The Night?

When your teen is transported to their residential treatment center is coordinated between you and the transportation service. Depending on your teen’s behaviors, nighttime transportation or daytime transportation may be recommended, but as the parent, you get the final say.

Where Do I Find A Reputable Teen Transportation Service?

You don’t want to just load your teen onto a Greyhound or plane. The likelihood that your teen will meekly go to their residential treatment center is slim since many troubled teens who attend treatment centers struggle with discipline and obedience prior to attending. However, you want to be sure to entrust your teen to the right people for transportation.

You can always ask the residential treatment center where you have enrolled your teen. They will have recommendations they can provide you with on asking. Also, you can talk to us about our recommendations.

How Do I Know I Should Use Transportation Services?

It can be tough to say for sure that you need transportation services. However, you may want to imagine what it will be like for you to transport your teenager yourself. Will they threaten you, perhaps get physically or verbally violent? Will your teen try to manipulate you or run away? In these cases, a transportation service is a healthy, safe choice.

If you are unsure if your teen will need transportation services to successfully transition to a residential treatment center, you can feel free to contact us. We have helped many parents come to decisions regarding their teens, and we are happy to help you in any way we can.

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