Therapeutic Boarding Schools: Medical Licensing and Services

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

If you’ve been considering sending your struggling teenager to a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens, you are likely wondering what qualifications these schools possess to be caring for your child.

Therapeutic boarding schools are not a homogenous group, and there can be high variability in what your troubled teen will receive depending on where you send them, as there are different medical licensing requirements and services available.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools Are State-Regulated

This variability can exist because there are no federal guidelines or laws regarding how therapeutic boarding schools should be run. The lack of guidance also applies to boot camps, military schools, and other troubled teen programs.

Due to this, states will regulate how therapeutic boarding schools operate. However, not all states have imposed any sort of guidelines or laws, making these less ideal places for a troubled teen.

Instead, look at schools located in the West, from the Rocky Mountains onward. The states in these areas, such as Utah, have some of the strictest laws regarding the medical licensing and services that should be available, which will help keep your teen safer.

Medical Licensing And Services To Expect From A Therapeutic Boarding School

Since there are no federal guidelines by which you can judge therapeutic boarding schools, you can consult our list of what to expect when it comes to medical licensing and services. With our years of experience in the troubled teen industry, we have seen what the best therapeutic boarding schools have in common.

  • Licensed staff and consulting – Check the credentials of staff in key positions, such as the clinical director, therapists, medical staff, and program director. These individuals should have licenses and degrees to match the positions they are filling.
  • Obtain high-standard licensing – Therapeutic boarding schools need to have a residential treatment center license. This license indicates that the school can meet the stringent standards set for residential treatment centers, providing high-quality therapeutic and medical assistance.
  • Accredited educational program – Some therapeutic boarding schools only offer programs that lead to a GED, rather than a high school diploma. The best schools have accredited education programs, and you can check with the accrediting organization.

It can be difficult to feel confident sending your troubled teen away to a therapeutic boarding school. Here at Help Your Teen Now, we understand as we are also parents, which is why we offer our program advising services completely for free. Contact us, and we will help you find the right place for your teenager to thrive again.

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