Therapeutic Boarding Schools Help Struggling Teens See a Bright Future

Therapeutic Boarding Schools Help Struggling Teens See a Bright Future
Misbehavior from teenagers is generally met with discipline and zero-tolerance punishments. But, for teens who are struggling with trauma, mental health, and other deep-seated issues, this kind of response to their behavior often fans the flames of defiance and anger. Over time, the cycle of acting out, punishment, and anger can make these troubled teens struggle to see a more positive future for themselves.

At therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens, this destructive cycle is broken, thanks to the emphasis on the therapeutic approach to misbehaving teenagers. Instead of simply being disciplined, the staff reaches out to teens and helps them discover better ways to manage their feelings and stressors. With positive reinforcement, immersive therapy, and tailored care plans, teens can begin to see a bright future.

Teens Learn That Early Mistakes Don’t End Their Future

Teenagers often lack the perspective to contextualize their mistakes. These mistakes can easily range from failing to study for a test—and receiving a bad grade—to joyriding. The emotional agony that teens experience on each end of the severity of mistakes can be the same intensity level, even though the type of mistake is very different.

For troubled teens particularly, their mistakes can be impactful, from being expelled from school to being arrested for petty crimes like shoplifting. With their lack of perspective and the shaming—both internally and externally in many cases—teens who have made these kinds of mistakes can fall into the trap that their future is grim.

Yet, that is far from the truth. At therapeutic boarding schools, therapists, and other staff members work with teens to help them see that early mistakes and failures are learning opportunities. So, instead of being a dark roadblock, teens learn to grow from their struggles.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools Help Teens Develop Coping Skills

An essential part of growth through struggle is developing healthy coping skills, rather than the maladaptive coping mechanisms that failed the attending teens.

Some teenagers, before attending a therapeutic boarding school, would lash out with anger and violence to deal with their feelings. Other teens abused substances like alcohol, nicotine, and other illegal drugs to deaden their feelings and escape. These maladaptive coping skills failed these teens, so therapeutic boarding schools work to help teens find more effective methods.

Some of the more effective coping skills can be as simple as helping teens learn to communicate how they are feeling. Many troubled teens struggle to express their emotions and what they are thinking, as it is a vulnerable act. Yet, in the supportive environment of a therapeutic boarding school, teens learn to become more vulnerable in a positive way as they learn better coping skills.

Trauma-Informed Schooling Allows Struggling Teens To Thrive

Another key aspect of therapeutic boarding schools that we have seen here at Help Your Teen Now is that they operate under trauma-informed schooling. With trauma-informed schooling, the staff is better prepared to help students who may act out unexpectedly.

For instance, many teachers are not educated on how to manage a student who is acting out other than regular discipline—demerits, detention, suspension, etc. With trauma-informed schooling, teachers and aides are able to work with struggling students and work with them rather than simply punishing teens who don’t know how to express how they are feeling.

Also, many troubled teens have fallen behind by the time they reach a therapeutic boarding school. Since therapeutic boarding schools have smaller class sizes, teens are able to receive the one-on-one help they need to catch back up with their peers.

Find The Right Therapeutic Boarding School For Your Teenager

After learning more about therapeutic boarding schools, you may want more information on where to find these schools. Finding the right therapeutic boarding is far more complex than finding a therapeutic boarding school in general. There are many of these schools available—however, which school is best for your teenager is another story.

To learn more about your options when it comes to finding a therapeutic boarding school for your teen, feel free to contact us today. We provide our services for free to help the whole family find healing and hope.

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