Therapeutic Boarding High Schools Help Teens Receive Diplomas

When your teen struggles with behavioral, emotional or mental health issues, school is the first thing to fall by the wayside as you try to get your child professional help. Perhaps your teen is resistant to help and is content to let their grades fall, skip class, defy authority figures like teachers or administrators and may even be expelled. Since the key to a successful future as an adult often hinges on education, many parents of troubled teens fear the worst when it comes to their child getting a diploma. The good news is that therapeutic boarding schools help teens receive diplomas, and can even help prepare them for college or trade schools.

Therapeutic boarding schools are facilities that specialize in helping teens overcome a range of challenges, from depression and anxiety to substance abuse and self harm. The schools house teens and provide a safe, stable atmosphere where they live, go to school and participate in activities. The staff are trained in dealing with adolescents and supervise the teens so they can provide support as needed. The academic aspect of a therapeutic boarding school is a key component.

The best therapeutic boarding schools employ teachers who are licensed and experienced in dealing with non-traditional learners. In other words, teens are closely observed and the staff come up with an individualized education plan to ensure they have the help they need to learn grade level lessons. With tutoring, study hall time, and peer tutoring, students at a therapeutic boarding school can find success academically while they receive counseling and therapy. Teens can receive their diplomas as long as the therapeutic boarding school is accredited and meets its state’s education requirements.

Traditional schools are not really equipped to provide such individualized attention to troubled teens. Because of funding, lack of training and lack of time, traditional schools must focus on the majority of students rather than step out and attend to the ones that need the most help. Therapeutic boarding schools are the opposite, and exist to help those kids who are not succeeding in a more traditional setting.

If you are a parent who is concerned that sending your child to a residential treatment facility like a therapeutic boarding school will jeopardize their education, you can have peace of mind knowing that such a place is probably the best way for them to receive a diploma and move into the adult world with that valuable education.

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