Teens And Parents Greatly Benefit From Residential Treatment Centers For Teens

The benefits for those who have a son or daughter attending a residential treatment center for troubled teens may seem lopsided at times. Does the teen receive the most value, or do the parents?

In reality, both the parents and the troubled teen can greatly benefit from the teen attending a residential treatment center.

How Teens Directly Benefit From Residential Treatment Centers

Teens who have been unable to make improvements in their lives while at home need a stronger form of intervention and residential treatment centers foster lasting changes in the teens that attend. Some of the ways troubled teens benefit are:

  • Environment change – Trying to make permanent changes while still being surrounded by the same temptations that led the teen to make poor decisions can make real transformation tough for teens. By moving to a wholesome, supportive environment, troubled teens can make healthy changes and stick to them.
  • Immersive therapy – Attending one or two therapy sessions a month is generally not enough for deeply troubled teens to overcome their struggles. At residential treatment centers for troubled teens, therapy is a part of daily life. Group therapy, in particular, has helped troubled teen boys and girls gain a broader view of their struggles and provides them with an excellent support base.
  • Academic recovery – As many troubled teens have struggled academically before they entered treatment, it is important that residential treatment centers offer students a strong academic program. This accredited educational program allows them to repair their grades and catch back up to their peers.
  • Structured days – Changes take time and consistency to develop, so residential treatment centers provide their students with structured daily routines. Time to reflect, exercise, learn, and interact are all built into their day.

Ways Parents Benefit From Their Teen’s Treatment Attendance

It may seem like teens receive most of the value residential treatment centers have to offer, but parents can benefit in direct and indirect ways. Some of the ways are:

  • Therapist-led family therapy – With your teen’s therapist present to facilitate, families can have once a week therapy together, either in-person or over private video conferencing. This practice helps families work through issues together in a healthy environment.
  • Reconnect with other children – As the troubled teen attends residential treatment, parents can finally take the time to focus on their other children.
  • Peace of mind – Often, parents have tried everything to help their troubled teen before choosing a residential treatment center. With your troubled teen in good hands, parents can finally relax a little.
  • Successful reunion with teen – Residential treatment centers don’t just help teens while in treatment. The best centers will provide support as your teen transitions home, allowing the whole family to enjoy a successful reunion.

If you need help determining which residential treatment center can help your troubled teen change their life, contact us for free program counseling.

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