Teen Drug Abuse – Parenting Tips

Many parents are devastated when they discover their teenager is using drugs, but there are several things parents can do ahead of the discovery as well as during the critical intervention time that can help put their teens back on the right path.

When it comes to teen drug abuse, parenting tips primarily focus on talking to your teen ahead of time. However, its useful for parents to read up on what to do if they discover their teen is already using drugs. Freaking out and demanding punishments are too late at that point to effect changes to the teen’s behavior. Instead, parents should take the time to keep the teen safe and get professional help as soon as Possible. At Help Your Teen Now, we are ready to guide parents just like you toward reputable facilities designed specifically to treat teen drug use.

Here are a few parenting tips that can help guide you in dealing with your teen’s drug use:

  • Trust your hunches if you feel like something is wrong. Because teenagers will lie about their drug use, you need to act on your instincts and avoid being manipulated. The sooner you can determine the truth about your teen’s involvement in drugs, the sooner he or she can get treatment.

  • Observe your teen’s overall behavior. If your teen is struggling in one area, it may be a symptom of drug use. For example, if your teen starts avoiding friends or stops pursuing activities he once enjoyed, it could be an indication of a deeper issue. Rather than talk yourself out of your observations, get to the bottom of it sooner rather than later.

  • Learn what drug use and abuse looks like in teens. Whether you notice that the cough syrup bottle in your home is always empty or your teen’s bloodshot eyes are more frequent, knowing the signs and symptoms of drug abuse is important. Many parents aren’t aware of what to look for, so education is the key to understanding what your teen is going through.

  • Hold your emotions. It’s understandable that parents want to scream, cry, or otherwise burst out with emotions when they discover their teen is using drugs. However, they will interfere with your ability to get help for your child. While parents should do what it takes to keep their children safe, it’s also important to start conversations about lying, stealing, the drug use and how it affects the family. Discussions about the future, such as punishments and therapy treatment, should also be held.

  • Seek out professionals. While your teen’s drug use may be embarrassing to you or you think you can handle it yourself, there’s no substitute for professional help. With consultations from doctors, therapists and other adolescent specialists, you can ensure that your teen has the best chance of recovery.

Finding a reputable program that treats teen drug abuse can be an overwhelming task, especially when you are so emotionally devastated. At Help Your Teen Now, we’ve guided thousands of families toward facilities that can help them and remain affordable. If your teen is using drugs and you are seeking a listening ear and the guidance of experienced parents, just call Help Your Teen Now for a free consultation.

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