Preventing Teen Pregnancy: The Role of Young Men

Teenage pregnancies were first diagnosed as a major social issue in the 70s and is still a major risk factor facing teens today. Since then there has been plenty of research into which interventions work and which do not. However, there has been a glaring omission when it comes to the role that young men […]

Life Before And After Bullying – Infographic – What Causes It And The Future Impact

The issues caused by bullying have always been a threat to the well-being of teenagers and children on both sides. In the infographic below, we’ve concluded that the events leading up to a teen becoming a bully is just as important to understand as the issues caused afterwards. Bullying impacts both the victim and the […]

The Scientific Breakdown of Teenage Meditation Practice: Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety & Addiction

Teenagers today suffer from more anxiety and emotional disorders than ever before. The increase of expectations on studies, responsibility, and pressure to “grow-up” instead of being allowed to stay young has taken its toll on our youth. Social media, texting, and other forms of communication over the internet encourage non-personal communication, distancing youths from relationships […]

How to do a teen family intervention?

How does a family intervention for teens work? When you discover that your teenager has behavioral, substance abuse problems or mental health issues, emotional reactions are expected. Situations like these can be very stressful, especially if you’re dealing with alcohol, prescription medications or illicit drugs abuse. Parents need to deal with their own feelings before […]

Why is early teen intervention crucial?

Normal behavior vs. problem behavior Understanding the complexity of changes that occur in teenage individuals, as well as the challenges they face each day is not easy. In fact, the line between a real issue and normal teen behavior is not always evident. This why it’s important to know your teenager and assess the nature […]

Warning Signs of a Teenager Using Drugs

Concern is normal If you are worried about your child or have noticed some changes in their behavior, don’t ignore your intuitive inner voice. Here are some of the main physical and behavioral signs of drug use in teens. With a section for your questions at the end. Indications of drug use Teenagers are in […]

How to help a teens that self-cuts

Why do teens cut? The first thing parents need to remember-cutting is in most cases not a suicide attempt. It doesn’t seem harmless, especially not to parents, since it’s a form of self-injuring by making small cuts mostly on legs and arms. For parents to understand the underlying reasons for this behavior, we’ll try to […]

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