South Shore Academy

South Shore Academy is a therapeutic residential program that serves teens with anxiety, bipolar,  disorder, depression, ADHD,  self-harm, and low self-esteem. Participants with medium to severe mental health issues can benefit from the therapy programs at South Shore.  The academic branch of the program, is state accredited and is ongoing with year-round enrollment.

South Shore Academy/Midwest Center for Youth in Kouts, Indiana Key Facts

School Name : South Shore Academy
Location : Kouts, Indiana
Ages : 9th-12th
School Gender : Girls
Support for ADD/ADHD Students : Yes
Year Founded : 1997

Licensed Faculty at School

At South Shore, the clinical staff includes staff members with credentials, licensure, accreditations and years of experience. There are board certified psychiatrists and certified nursing specialists plus RNs and LPNs. The academic branch is composed of licensed, experienced teachers trained to educate special needs youth.

Student Activities Available

Students at South Shore can participate in a range of academic activities including skill building and health and fitness activities.

Map of School Location

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