Some Of The Best Therapeutic Approaches For Troubled Teen Boys

There are a variety of therapeutic approaches when it comes to helping troubled teen boys overcome or learn to manage their issues. While most of them are based in research and experience, there are some options that are more effective than others. For instance, behavior modification therapy is making an appearance at hundreds of full time residential facilities throughout the country; however, it only focuses on fixing the symptoms of a greater problem. While it makes sense to teach troubled boys how to manage their behavior to exhibit better communication and problem solving skills, no real transformation can happen until they address the root of their challenges. Long term changes must be made through healing from the inside out, and parents should seek out programs that subscribe to this concept.

What Kind Of Therapy Addresses The Root Problems?

Most teen help programs include the usual group, individual and family therapies. While these are important and helpful, there are also additional solutions that appeal to the way teen boys learn and process. Because most adolescents are naturally uncommunicative, particularly those that are in constant trouble, traditional talk therapy is best utilized in conjunction with other strength-based approaches that engage each boy on a personal level.

  • Experiential TherapyExperiential, or hands-on, therapy is an effective way to help troubled boys learn through activity based experiences like service projects. Such exposure helps them learn empathy for others while practicing life skills in areas like teamwork, relationships, self-esteem, responsibility and communication. When teens are able to focus on something positive outside of themselves, they come to understand the value of improving the lives of others while learning just as much about their own personal relationships. Additionally, experiencing challenging and unpredictable tasks helps teens gain a new confidence in themselves which results in approaching old problems in a new way.
  • Recreation Therapy – Recreation therapy helps troubled boys learn how to use their leisure time for positive activities. This is particularly effective for boys that have a history of destructive or unhealthy past times. Experiences like hiking, camping, boating, skiing, sports and river rafting are all constructive ways to engage teens and help them replace negative inclinations with positive actions.
  • Life SkillsLife skills opportunities help students to achieve balance in their day to day lives. These can include things like hygiene, compliance, academics and personal chores. The positive habits that teens develop in these areas can be relied on long after they leave the program.

Sundance Canyon Academy Is Ideal for Troubled Teens

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we believe that the most powerful agents of change are empathy and attunement, and we have designed our program specifically to allow students to recognize and address the factors that fuel their poor choices and emotional struggles. The skills and lifestyle practice we provide promotes self-respect, independence and opportunity. Troubled teen boys that attend our program graduate as mature young men with the tools they need to continue moving forward toward a more positive future.

For more information about our program, contact us today at 866-678-2425.

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