Sending Your Son to a School for Troubled Teen Boys Can Help Him Change His Course

Sending Your Son to a School for Troubled Teen Boys Can Help Him Change His Course

Over 1 million American teens go to juvenile court every year. Approximately 160,000 of those teens are referred to residential placement. One of the most preferred residential placements are therapeutic boarding schools.

About Therapeutic Boarding Schools

According to Family First Aid, “Therapeutic boarding schools – also known as residential treatment centers – these boarding schools add a therapy component. Therapeutic boarding schools are designed specifically to provide structure, discipline, and supervision for troubled youth dealing with substance abuse issues, learning difficulties, or behavioral problems that keep them from leading a normal, productive life.” Removing teens from the home environment where they were going down the path of self-destructive sets the stage to begin a new path. A path that will lead them away from harming themselves and others.

Therapeutic boarding schools include programs to identify and treat underlying mental health and substance abuse issues. Twenty percent of adolescents have a mental health disorder and 9 out of 10 high school students meet the criteria for drug/alcohol addiction. These issues must be treated before behavioral modification can commence. Not all teens require medication, but counseling is always necessary. As adolescents begin to work on their inner turmoil, they will understand how the turmoil influences their thoughts and actions. Without those issues, they will be able to learn productive behaviors that will lead them to success.

Since boarding schools for troubled teen boys can last several months to years, there is an academic component included in the program. They “provide a fine education and promote acceptance at a top college or university for a boy who is very good in school, self-disciplined, and prepared for independence and the responsibilities of leading his life away from his family,” states Family First Aid. All of this comes from not only the work done during therapy, but also quality time spent with the teachers in and outside of the classroom – something that isn’t always possible in a public school.

Effects of Boarding Schools for Troubled Teen Boys

While many teens moan when they are confronted with the possibility of boarding school, 70% teenagers say it helped them develop self-discipline, maturity, and independence, according to The Association of Boarding Schools. This greatly helps them when they are ready to leave the boarding school, especially for teens who are in boarding school during their junior and/or senior year of high school. The Association of Board School surveyed adolescents, and 78% said they felt prepared for college because of the program.

While the path your troubled teen is on may be bleak now, there is hope. With our boarding school for troubled teen boys, your son can get off the fast track to destruction and start a path that will lead him to a healthy, successful life. Contact us now for more information about our program at Sundance Canyon Academy.

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