Schools for Troubled Teens Highlight: Liahona Treatment Center

Schools for Troubled Teens Highlight Liahona Treatment Center
Liahona Treatment Center is a mental health treatment center, for boys ages 12 – 17. Liahona offers a safe, supportive, and controlled therapeutic environment, for teens with mental, emotional, and behavioral problems, such as depression, substance abuse, defiance, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, low self-esteem, self-harming behaviors, and poor social skills. Unlike other schools for troubled teens, Liahona specializes in helping middle school and high school boys who have not improved substantially in outpatient therapy or other treatment programs.

Individual Therapy

The therapists at Liahona are licensed and experienced in working with teens. They evaluate and then develop a personalized treatment plan for each boy. During therapy, teens gain insight into the causes of their personal issues and develop strategies for overcoming their problems. Daily behavior evaluations help teens to recognize their destructive behavior patterns and the negative consequences of their choices. They learn to take responsibility for their actions and take control of their behavior.

Family Therapy

Family therapy sessions are conducted every other week through a secure online video service. The teen’s therapist helps parents to understand the issues their son is working through, and learn how they can participate in his recovery. The therapist helps the family to heal and rebuild a loving relationship.
Parents are encouraged to visit their son while he is at Liahona, and these visits begin with a therapy session led by the teen’s therapist. Liahona also offers follow up services. Families can continue online or phone contact with the therapist and program director once their son completes his program at Liahona. This continued support helps the teen as he transitions to living at home again.

Group Therapy

Several times a week, teens at Liahona meet for group therapy led by a therapist. In a group setting boys can discuss their problems, realize that they are not alone in the issues they face, and give each other positive support and encouragement.

Academic Program

Liahona offers a personalized instruction plan for each student so that they can work at a pace designed especially for them. Credits earned at Liahona transfer back to the student’s home school. Additional tutoring is available if needed.

Safe and Structured Environment

Parents need to know that their son is safe and well cared for. Living at a therapeutic boarding school removes teens from negative peer influences, access to illegal substances and unhealthy behavior patterns he developed at home. Teens at Liahona are housed in family style living arrangements and are constantly supervised. They are required to complete daily chores and tasks. A family-like setting helps teens learn to be considerate of others, to communicate effectively, and to function as a family unit. Teens also receive weekly medical evaluations by Liahona’s medical staff.

Clear and Consistent Rules for Behavior

Rules for behavior at Liahona are explained clearly and enforced consistently and fairly. Teens are rewarded for healthy and positive behavior choices. When a teen makes choices that are not positive, he chooses not to get those rewards. Teens know in advance the consequences of their decisions. This approach teaches teens that they will be held accountable for their actions, and they create their own outcomes. It helps teens to feel empowered as they learn to consider their choices and control their behavior. They are less likely to revert to old patterns of behavior when they leave Liahona. Parents are also taught how to continue this program of consistency and consequences when their son returns home.

Group and Recreational Activities

Teens at Liahona participate in fitness activities and nutrition education. They learn the importance of healthy minds and healthy bodies. Liahona is located in southern Utah, a beautiful area near Zion Canyon. The activities director organizes outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, water skiing, and trips to the nearby Zion National Park. Participation in these activities depends on each boy’s progress in the program. Teens at Liahona also take part in weekly leadership training and service projects in the community. Through these activities they learn about caring for others, contributing to the community, and becoming a leader within their social group.

Qualified Staff

The staff at Liahona includes a psychiatrist, licensed therapists, and five registered nurses. They are caring and compassionate professionals dedicated to helping your son and your family. Liahona’s staff can even help you to coordinate transportation for your son to their facility.


Liahona Treatment Center has a comprehensive program to help your son and your family. Their center offers therapeutic and academic programs, social and recreational activities, compassionate treatment, consistent discipline, in a safe, family-like living environment and a naturally beautiful setting. Contact us if you have further questions about Liahona as an option for your son.

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