Resources For Parents Struggling To Decide On A Boarding School For Troubled Boys

Resources For Parents

When looking for the right boarding school for troubled teens for your struggling teenager, there can be so many options that it is overwhelming. To help you narrow down your available options, there are several resources you can use to find the right school to help your troubled teen son.

Work With A Troubled Teen Program Counselor

One excellent resource to use when looking at boarding schools for troubled teens is a troubled teen program counselor. The benefits of working with a program counselor are:

  • Understand all your options – Many parents start their search for the right troubled teen program by searching for boot camps or wilderness programs. However, these may not be the right option for your son’s particular needs. A troubled teen program advisor can help you understand what all your options are, rather than the most talked about ones.
  • Narrow down programs for your son – By talking to a program counselor about your son’s issues, they can help you narrow down which troubled teen program is the best choice for your teen. That way, you can cut through some of the overwhelming flood of options.
  • Help from beginning to end – From choosing the right program for your son to enter to help with his transition back home, you can count on the advice of a great program counselor.

Also, if you are careful what troubled teen program counselor you choose to work with, you will not have to pay for the service. The best advisors are made up of parents who advocate for families and do not charge you for their help.

Look At The Boarding School Testimonials

Once you have narrowed down the list to a few boarding schools for troubled teens you are considering, be sure to check out their testimonials. Most schools will have a page where you can read reviews from parents and often students who have attended.

Also, when you make contact with a school you are interested in, be sure to ask if there are any parents you can talk to about their experience. Not only will this help you learn more about the program in general but also what you can expect if you send your son to the program.

Talk To An Accountant

It is expensive to send your troubled teen son to a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens. An accountant is an important resource to help you put your finances in order so you can afford the help your son desperately needs to change his life.

Sundance Canyon Academy has been proud to help many troubled teenage boys turn their lives around. With strong emphasizes on therapeutic intervention, academic recovery, and structured development, your son can take the steps to make real, permanent changes in his life.

To learn more about our program, contact us. Our program advisors will be happy to tell you all about Sundance and can help you determine if we are the right place for your son.

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