Re-creation Retreat

Re-creation Retreat is an all-girls residential boarding school that provides individualized treatment for issues like personality disorders, abuse recovery, substance abuse, eating disorder, trauma and addiction and more. With a focus on therapy, education, recreation and community service, Re-creation Retreat embraces a holistic approach to healing girls and teaching them to become successful and independent. Equine therapy is a key part of the program, and there is also a strong academic emphasis.

Re-creation Retreat Andover in Fredonia, Arizona Key Facts

School Name : Re-creation Retreat
Location : Fredonia, Arizona
Ages : 12-17
School Gender : Girls
Support for ADD/ADHD Students : No
Year Founded :

Licensed Faculty at School

Re-creation Retreat is licensed as a Level III Behavioral Health Agency in Arizona. The staff has licensed therapists that provide individual and group therapy sessions.

Student Activities Available

At Re-creation Retreat, girls can participate in a range of activities, primarily in areas of equine therapy, horseback riding,  gardening, cooking and chores.

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