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Treatment programs for troubled boys differ from ones for girls. As a parent, we want to make sure our children get the help they need to overcome the challenges they’re struggling with now, so they can live successful lives later. Understanding the benefits of a residential treatment center for troubled boys will help you decide if it’s right for your child.

Commonalities Lead to Strength

Many teenage boys feel as though they are all alone in the struggles they are dealing with, even if they are not alone. When they are with boys who are dealing with the same challenges, they are more likely to feel as though others understand the turmoil inside of them. This understanding can help them garner the strength to come up with ways to solve the problems they deal with on a daily basis.

Focus on What Matters to Boys

Boys approach situations differently than girls do. Research finds most girls are much more emotional, so focusing on emotions helps them solve problems. Boys want to take action on situations, which is why many of them become aggressive in difficult situation. Programs for troubled boys helps them understand why they take action, and how to take action but positively to solve problems.

How to Handle Peer Pressure

Boys struggle with peer pressure just as girls do, but the reasons they give in to it can be different. Boys often want power along with acceptance when they give in to peer pressure, while girls often just want the acceptance. Troubled teen programs for boys teaches participants that power can come from other sources rather than drugs, alcohol, sex, and engaging in illegal activities. Power can come from volunteering in the community, doing well in school, and being a good citizen. This can also turn into acceptance, as the people around the boys start to acknowledge all of the good work they do. When they realize the benefits of doing good rather than bad, they will be less likely want to give in to peer pressure.

Liahona Academy offers treatment programs for troubled boys. Our programs are designed to focus on their unique characteristics. Treatment strategies tap into what’s important to boys. By doing this, we are able to get across what life should be like, and how they have the power to change it to be a better one. The skills they learn at Liahona Academy doesn’t only save them during adolescence, but it can help them become responsible and successful adults, too.

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