Programs For Troubled Teens: Choosing A Therapeutic Boarding School With The Right Social Environment

Therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens can foster different social environments depending on a variety of factors. Your troubled teen may be able to improve faster if they are placed in the right therapeutic boarding school social environment.

Location Of Therapeutic Boarding School Influences Socialization

A key factor in the social environment of a therapeutic boarding school is where it is located. Some of the environments you may find are:

  • Urban – Due to cost of living, it is not common to have therapeutic boarding schools in urban settings. However, the ones which are located in urban settings often have access to a greater range of educational opportunities if there are nearby resources like planetariums, arboretums, museums, and more. The potential downside is that urban therapeutic boarding schools may feel similar to troubled teens’ former schools and may not encourage the same changes.
  • Suburban – More common than urban schools, these schools have both the positives and negatives of urban schools. Additionally, if they are located inside a residential neighborhood, there may be more opportunities to find trouble, as therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens are generally not locked facilities.
  • Rural – While rural therapeutic boarding schools may lack some of the educational amenities urban and suburban schools, they allow students to become immersed in a very different environment. Students will adapt to a new environment and the drastic change can allow for greater personal changes in the teens’ lives.

Available Activities Can Alter Social Environment

How teens socialize can depend on the activity they are engaged in. So, when you are looking for a good therapeutic boarding school, consider what activities these schools offer your troubled teen.

  • Equine therapy – Traumatized or emotionally guarded troubled teens often perform well when it comes to equine therapy, as the non-judgmental horses allow students to open up first to the therapy horse then their fellow students and the staff. Generally only rural therapeutic boarding schools have equine therapy.
  • Music – Acting as an emotional outlet and form of self-expression, music can be a great social activity for all teens. It can allow teens to positively connect with their fellow students and open up to the therapeutic boarding school staff.
  • Culinary – Teens who learn culinary skills ranging from food preparation and nutrition gain confidence and a sense of self-sufficiency. It also allows teens to learn to work in healthy teams.
  • Wilderness exploration – In more rural therapeutic boarding schools such as ones located in Southern Utah, troubled teens can learn to enjoy adventuring outdoors and bonding over new positive experiences.

Find The Right Therapeutic Boarding School Fit For Your Teen

To find the right therapeutic boarding school with the right social environment for your teenager, contact us. We will help you find the school which is the right fit your teen where they will be able to heal and grow.

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