Lakeland Grace Academy

Lakeland Grace Academy is a Christian boarding school that supports teen girls as they struggle to overcome a range of issues, from depression to adoption issues and beyond. The academic focus of Lakeland Grace Academy prepares girls to graduate from high school and move to college or vocational schools, all while thriving in a safe and loving environment. With 40 beds available and a year-round enrollment, Lakeland Grace Academy provides individual attention to girls in need.

Lakeland Grace Academy in Lakeland, Florida Key Facts

School Name : Lakeland Grace Academy
Location : Lakeland, Florida
Ages : 11-17
School Gender : Girls
Support for ADD/ADHD Students : No
Year Founded :

Licensed Faculty at School

Among the degrees and certifications held by staff and faculty at Lakeland Grace Academy include a bachelor’s in psychology, a bachelor’s in church ministry, a master’s in Christian counseling, a master’s in psychology and master’s in mental health therapy.

Student Activities Available

Each girl at Lakeland Grace Academy must contribute to community service and daily kitchen chores, and there are many educational classes with inspiring guest speakers. The academy offers many outlets for music and theater, including choir, drama clubs, learning and playing an instrument. Outdoor and recreational activities include hiking, canoeing, beachcombing, horseback riding and swimming. Volleyball and girl’s rugby are a big part of the facility’s fitness program as well.

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