Kaliana Program

Kaliana means “calm seas” and teen boys who participate in this experiential treatment and residential therapy program engage in rehabilitation on land and also on board a sailing vessel. Participants in the Kaliana Program go on day, weekend and 6-day voyages throughout the islands, then return to the home port and the 6-acre residential facility. The ocean experience helps troubled teens build life skills and overcome challenges while learning lessons on ocean sailing while becoming part of a team. The program is designed to help teenage boys who struggle with behavior disorders and those with chemical dependencies. Kaliana Program also provides academics for participants and counseling, beyond the ocean experiences.

Kaliana Program in Kaneohe, Hawaii Key Facts

School Name : Kaliana Program
Location : Kaneohe Hawaii
Ages : 14-18
School Gender : Boys
Support for ADD/ADHD Students : No
Year Founded : 1992

Licensed Faculty at School

The staff and faculty at the Kailana Program include one child and adolescent psychiatrist, one clinical psychologist, several social workers, CSA- certified counselors, licensed teachers, onsite registered nurses and youth counselors. The maritime crew consists of licensed marine professionals and experiential facilitators.

Student Activities Available

The Kaliana Program is centered on oceanic experiential activities, so teens will have the chance to live and work on the sail training vessel, Makani Olu. Other activities include other small sailing crafts, traditional Hawaiian 6-man paddling canoes, 10 lo`i, a low ropes course, and a Hawaiian sailing canoe.

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